Ukraine Rhythmic Group “Vogue” to Madonna

August 27, 2016

Ukraine’s rhythmic group performed the same hoops and clubs routine they did in Guadalajara at the Rio Olympics later in the year.


But It’s Louis Smith That’s Sexist

June 18, 2016

So Louis Smith posted a picture of Carly Patterson’s 16 year old ass. People are like, “OMG, So SEXIST!!” But why the fuck does he have a picture of Carly Patterson’s 16 year old ass in the first place. It’s because she’s wearing what is basically a T-shirt and panties. The required uniform for FIG women’s gymnastics. Yes, the FIG requires women, but not men, to wear what is basically underwear when they compete. But it’s Louis Smith that’s sexist.

There is an option for athletes to wear unitards, the last time I checked. But I’ve never seen a gymnast wear one on FIG artistic competition. The National Governing Bodies don’t take advantage of this tool to keep 16 year old asses from being ogled by people who like a nice ass. But it’s Louis Smith that’s sexist. Not only do NGB’s put 16 year old asses on display, some NGBs put them in leos that are two sizes too small with a high leg line so their asses stick out MORE. But it’s Louis Smith that’s sexist.

I hate leotards. They are completely stupid. So are people who have no problem with gymnasts wearing leotards but start shouting, “Sexism” when people look at what is on display. If you don’t want gymnasts to be ogled, let them cover their butts!!

Simone’s New Floor Routine

April 27, 2016

Simone debuted her new floor routine at the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships.  When I heard she was getting a new floor, I was looking forward to it because although Team Simone does a good job at putting together floor routines, there were a couple of things about her last routine that I really hated.  The stupid “oh” sound effect and the strange ass ending pose.  Apparently, she feels the exact opposite because those two things have been put into this new routine too.  I should have seen the ending pose coming because it was also used in her floor routine from 2014.

Simone is one of the latest “power” gymnasts from the US who also has a good track record for putting together nicely choreographed routines.  I wouldn’t give her anything less than a B for all her routines going back to 2010.  Actually, I’ll have to give her extra credit for basically having a new floor routine every year.  With other gymnasts, if you don’t like their routine, you’re stuck looking at it for three or four years.  So we’ll say B+.


Chinese Training: Rio Edition

April 27, 2016

A video from the Economist about Chinese gymnastics training. It focuses on trampoline.

LOL! The US Team Needs To Wear This Leo!

April 8, 2016

espnW and Marvel teamed up to create super hero drawings of 25 influential women in sports. Simone Biles is one of the 25 and she’s wearing a really great leo.

Raunchy Gymnastics Movie

March 15, 2016

You can tell from the trailer that it’s going to be on the raunchy side. It actually has an R rating – so apparently, they go even deeper into raunchy territory than you might expect.

And here’s a 20 minute Q&A from the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

The Chinese Gymnastics Schools

March 10, 2016

I just watched a documentary about Chinese Gymnastics school. If you throw out the parts with the guy kicking the kid and the part with the other guy threatening to beat them with a cane, I’d have to say the next worst part was at the very end when a coach says a seven year old won’t be world champion because supposedly she is already too big. This girl just started training. If you know she’s too big, stop taking her parents’ money and send her home. Ditto for the poor kid with curved arms. Six years training, and his parents spending money on that training, and his career was doomed from the start because of his arms. Terrible.


March 9, 2016

A short clip about Dipa Karmakar. BBC news does not seem too impressed with her landing on the produnova. They shot it in such a way that you can’t even see it.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Fashion

February 28, 2016

I haven’t watched rhythmic gymnastics in awhile. Recently, I watched a documentary about Russian rhythmic gymnastics training. Alina Kabayeva was in the video and she mentioned that the FIG has been cutting the required elements more and more. This doesn’t sit well with Alina but I thought it might be interesting to see. I used to like Rhythmic but when they started having to do all those elements, it got really boring. I thought if the rules had changed maybe the sport was back to being more like the old rhythmic.

So I’ve watched a lot of rhythmic in the last few days. I wouldn’t say the sport is back to being like it was but one thing that has changed is the outfits. Some of the athletes are now wearing things that stick out of the leotards. Like the feathers in Margarita’s leotard. She also has another one with little butterflies or something on it. I saw some with pleats, rouging, and fabric flowers. These things must cost an arm and a leg.

Gymnastics Clubs Go Ninja

February 3, 2016

Some gyms are getting into the Ninja business due to the popularity of the tv show, “American Ninja Warrior.”  USAIGC sees it as a way to get boys into the gym.

As soon as he saw the show, where adult men and women compete to conquer elaborate obstacle courses, Mr. Spadaro said he instantly thought about the possibility of drawing boys back to gymnastics. The USAIGC, which represents 175 gymnastics clubs nationwide, has formed a “Warrior Committee” to puzzle out the details of developing the sport. Their first meeting, in State College in October, tackled issues such as competition structure, instructor training and officiating.

I have to wonder how long it will be before USAG come up with it’s own “Ninja” program.  Seriously, it seems like anytime USAIGC starts doing something new, USAG makes sure to copy it!