In the sport of gymnastics, the rules change every four years like clockwork.  There was a time, when I would buy the new Code Of Points when it came out.  Once, I even bought  codes for the gymnastics disciplines I don’t even follow that much.  At some point, I’m not sure when, I just stopped caring.  I still go and reference the code on the FIG’s website when I want to know the value of a skill.  I just don’t keep that information in my head any more.

I’m not saying I was ever a guru!  I can just tell I had a better grasp of the rules 20 years ago.  I can name changes that have happened over the years but I couldn’t tell you exactly when those changes happened without looking them up.  I couldn’t tell you the start value of someone’s routine without looking it up, either.  I’m a huge fan of those D-score videos on youtube!

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