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Woo Hooo!! Gymnastics on BONES!

December 7, 2013

Lol!! They’re totally acting like the dead gymnast must be so abused because of all her injuries. How butt-hurt is the gymnternet going to be over this?

Sooooo, is it a coincidence that Amanda’s dad was a physicist? Like wasn’t Shannon Miller’s dad a physicist? His chalkboard is kind of funny. I’m watching Numbers. For the longest time I thought Charlie Epps used blackboards because he had some kind of eccentric preference for them. I just recently started to think that it might be because the chalkboards show up on tv better. Moving on.

Doesn’t the gym seem overrun with teenaged girls? That club had more post-pubescent gymnasts in it than wherever the heck post-pubescent gymnasts usually hang out. And where were all the coaches anyway?

Funny how Mckayla’s character couldn’t stick her layout six months ago yet she’s number two to a girl who could do a double pike. And what was she doing spotting this girl anyway? What the hell kind of gymnastics club is this?

Mckayla trying to look shocked is a little funny. I think it was a bit over the top. I think it wouuld be neat if she pulled a Cameron Diaz. Do a bunch of good quality smaller projects with good quality talent and just learn as much as she can.

No way the coach really did it. There’s ten minutes left in the show. This is my tried and true method of figuring out who didn’t done it when it comes to tv shows.

OOOOOh! Didn’t see that one coming.

WTF I did not see THAT coming either.

OMG. The part at the end with Amanda’s dad explainiing his equations to Dr. Brennan is beautiful.