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Jordyn’s collegiate career

December 27, 2012

Whenever Jordyn Wieber finally frees herself from John Geddert’s curve-hating clutches and goes to UCLA, I hope she tries UCLA’s NAIGC club team.  That would be frikkin’ awesome and it would really do a lot to raise the profile of college club gymnastics in the USA.

The main thing that keeps adults out of gymnastics is that so many clubs have one response when grown-ups call and ask about training.  “Adult?  Gymnastics? ….  Bwahhahahahahhahaha.  OMG, I just about busted a gut.  Who is this?  JOHN, IS THAT YOU?!”  Actually, this is for all sports in general.  Many times, an adult has to be really lucky if they want to persue a sport.  Lucky to live near a club that offers training to adults.

Can you beat Mckayla at handstands?

December 4, 2012

Wilson couldn’t.  He’s great but Mckayla still whooped him soundly in a handstand competition on the set of Hart of Dixie.