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Beginner Is Not An Age Group

May 30, 2013

Coach Rick posted this a few days ago on a post about an FIG age group camp in San Salvador.

We focused on drills for beginner competitors, even though many of the demonstrators are older.

Since beginners can be any age, he probably meant to say the demonstrators were more advanced gymnasts. It’s actually not uncommon for more advanced gymnasts to demonstrate beginner drills at clinics and on videos anyway. Clinicians tend to want to be sure they’ll be able to show a gymnast who can do the skill or drill they are trying to teach so they use more advanced gymnasts as demonstrators.

I know these FIG camps are really helping out but I wonder how much age bias is being introduced to countries that really can’t afford to be picky. Gymnasts go on to be coaches, parents who enroll their kids in gymnastics, and fans of the sport so a country that wants to grow this sport should really be more welcoming to the idea of gymnastics for all. Increased participation increases popularity.

A College Gymnastics Movie

May 29, 2013

This is another kickstarter. It’s for a movie about college gymnastics.

While some folks are lamenting the same old story line of the gymnast who tries to come back to elite after a long time off, I think at least it’s different in that it deals with college gymnastics instead of elite. I bet I can already figure out the plot. This chick tries to start a college gymnastics team as a way to get back into elite gymnastics but I bet she learns along the way that college gym is great too.

Another comment I read:

Looks good … except for the 90′s attitude towards age. – Clinton

Yeah, but that reflects a real attitude that people in the sport have. Like John Geddert saying Jordyn wouldn’t make it to Rio because of her body type despite being right there when half the event finalists in London had more mature body types. Maybe that could be another thing that Maddy’s character learns along the way. Gymnasts don’t have to be itty bitty.

Maddy Curley played the gymnast who could vault a double front in “Stick-it.” I don’t think she did any acting before “Stick-it” but she’s done a lot since.

This kickstarter seems to be off to a good start. 58 backers and $2,727. Their goal is $110k. There are rewards for people who donate $10 or more. Everything from a personal thank you on facebook to a speaking role in the film! I don’t know about you, but my goal is to pledge $500. :D

You’re one of US: For a $500.00 donation you will receive a thank you in the credits of the film, plus one of the characters in the movie will have YOUR NAME! The character is guaranteed to have at least one line and your first name will be mentioned in the film.

Oh my goodness me. I just can’t wait to be FAAAMOUSSSS! I wonder. If five people named Anna donate, will there be five characters named Anna with five different lines or just one? Hmmmm.

Geddert Documentary?

May 16, 2013

Someone has started a kickstarter campaign to finance a documentary about John Geddert.

So far they’ve got 3 backers and 110 bucks. Their goal is $5000.00. That’s all it takes to make a documentary? Who knew?

It’s sort of funny because I was reading the comments on Gymtruthteller and someone mentioned starting a kickstarter campaign to do a documentary on John Geddert. I can’t find the comment now. That’s either weird or not weird because it could’ve just been my imagination that I read that or that I read that on Gymtruthteller. All I know is, either my google skillz are in full fail mode right now or I’m going nuts.

UPDATE: The original comment wasn’t about a documentary about John Geddert. It was about a documentary about USAG. The comment was on a post about Sabrina Vega.

gymtruthteller Says:
May 15, 2013 at 2:44 am
That is disturbing to me. So disturbing.

I so want to start a kickstarter campaign for money to do a documentary on USA-gymnastics

That was posted a couple of days after somebody advertised this John Geddert documentary on gymtruthteller. I didn’t pay too much attention to this comment at the time, or so I thought.

Apparently, It’s going to be awhile before we see a John Geddert documentary. The campaign still has only 3 backers and $110.

Does Harsh Judging Make For Cleaner Gymnasts?

May 11, 2013

Blossom posted qualification scores from the Chinese Nationals.

Here are the standings after the qualifications; all scores are based on the ridiculous and demoralizing Chinese judging system, so feel free to add a point or two to the total.

It’s often noted how hard the scoring is at Chinese competitions but it’s also noted how beautiful the Chinese gymnasts are. Personally, I don’t think that’s an accidental relationship.

In the US, the scoring is pretty lenient but then we’ve had more than one incidence of a gymnast that scores well on US soil being scored a lot more harshly by international judges. I don’t see what’s demoralizing about having a clear picture of what you need to fix BEFORE you’re at worlds finding out your release isn’t going to get credited, or whoops that pose in the middle of your leap sequence invalidates the connection. How about getting to the Olympics and finding out that international judges think you’re sixth tenths less hot shit than the judges from your own country thought you were.

As a coach, it probably more helpful to know for sure what the judges are looking for rather than have to guess. Seems that while some coaches have to try and figure out what their gymnast can get away with, the Chinese coaches just have to read the code and then try to make sur their gymnasts reach those standards.