The FIG’s Plan to Make the World Cup Relevant

I’ve been as confused as anybody about the FIG’s move to decrease artistic team sizes from five to four.  It seems really weird, pointless, and confusing.  Then I realized that the new qualifying events are Event and All-Around World Cups plus Continental Championships.  Let’s just forget about the Continental Championships and focus on the World Cups.  Turning the World Cups into qualifiers for the Olympics instantly makes the FIG’s World Cup Series more important.  They’ve been trying to accomplish this for ages.

Right now they have World Challenge Cups where people with 4.8 start values end up with silver medals.  Where top countries send their greenest newbs to get some experience.  This is not the World Cup that the FIG wants.  The FIG wants the World Cups to be premiere events.  I think this new Olympic qualification scheme will finally get them there.

The funny part is, I wrote a plan about making the World Cups relevant by turning the them into qualifiers FOR WORLDS in 2011 and completely forgot about it.  So I’ve been scratching my head for three years now wondering why the FIG would do this crap.  Well, now I get it.  The point is to make the World Cups  more important!   I gotta say, I’m happy that Worlds is essentially unchanged because I like the idea that any FIG member country can send a full team to the mid-quad worlds at least.

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