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Smithsonian Scores Gabby’s Stuff

January 30, 2013

The Virginia Beach, Va., native is giving the museum the leotard she wore during her first competitive season in 2003. She’s also giving the wrist tape and uneven bar grips she used in the 2012 Olympics, as well as her mother’s ticket to the games, personal photos and her Olympic credentials.

I would be surprised if she actually donated her “wrist tape.”  I’m sure this media source is talking about something else.

Goings on in Thailand and Myanmar

January 30, 2013

The Asian Gymnastics Union has a website which they use to post about stuff that happens in Asian Gymnastics. Interestingly, the president of the AGU was someone from Japan from 1966 – 2006.  Since 2007, the president has been from Qatar.


The Gymnastics Association of Thailand hosted the SEAGZONE Executive Committee Meeting On 22 January 2013 in Bangkok Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel with the presence of 8 federations attended the meeting.


The Myanmar Gymnastic Federation organized the first Judges Course for Artistic Gymnastics in Yangon under the direction of Mr. Anuchit Thaesungnern from Thailand during the period 17 – 20 December 2012 to prepare the national judges for the 13th Cycle of the international judges course.

They are preparing for the 2013 Southeast Asian Games.  Settle down.  They aren’t until December.

Raisman, Kormann, and Daggett Weigh In

January 29, 2013

Aly tweeted that it was disappointing with the MIAA cutting boy’s gym.  She also said that the spokesmoron calling gymnastics a girls’ sport fuckin’ sucked.

Okay, so she didn’t exactly say that.

Raisman is not the only local Olympic gymnast who is disappointed with the MIAA’s plan to drop boys’ gymnastics.

Peter Kormann, a Braintree High school alum who won a bronze medal in the 1976 Olympics, said he hopes the MIAA board of directors will reverse their decision.

“I think it’s a shame,” said Kormann, in a recent telephone interview. “I thought it was a poor decision. There’s nothing to be gained here.”

Another Olympic medalist from Massachusetts, Tim Daggett, who competed on West Springfield High School’s gymnastics team and won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, said he was “disgusted” with the MIAA’s decision.

I read all this good stuff on

The 2013 American cup is going to be in Worcester, Massachusetts.  I don’t know if NBC will allow Tim to do this, but it would be so great if he could mention this on air.  Or, if Aly gets interviewed, she talks about it.  Or if the gymnasts, on the floor and off, and spectators too could wear t-shirts that say, I don’t know, something that’s pro-boys gymnastics.

Or maybe they should not say anything.  The real issue is the lack of support for Boys’ Gymnastics.  It’s going to take a lot more than temporary outrage to fix that.


Gymnastics Books on

January 29, 2013 is a site that helps writers self publish their work.  There’s a few books about gymnastics on there.  You can’t judge a book by it’s cover but it’s plot summary might tell you a lot.

Runaway Gymnast by: Cady Scriven

 Lelia Piccino is smart, popular, pretty and a level 10 gymnast headed for success.  Tired of competing for attention with her six siblings, being blamed for things she didn’t do and being stuck on level 10 when she knows she could be National Champion, Lelia runs away.  Now, with a new coach, new friends and a reputation, Lelia hides from the world she left and from the people desperately trying to find her.

Hold on.  So she’s a runaway but shows up at a new gym and they’re just like, ‘Sure, come train with us”.  Awesome.  I’d totally buy this if it wasn’t priced at $9.59 for 44 pages.

Another Lulu book is The Gymnastic Coach by: Aaron Wisewell

Aaron Wisewell reveals the keys to  success in the demanding and pressure-packed world of elite gymnastics, explaining how  greatest achievements were overcoming the barriers of fear and negativity. The Gymnastic Coach is a perfect guide for a gymnast who wants to excel.

At $4.99, Aaron’s book still falls outside my budget limit for buying stuff that might be crap.  It’s an ebook so I don’t even know how many pages it has.  I do know that Aaron seems to coach everything.  Or at least, he writes about coaching a lot of different sports.

Karen M Goeller has a few books on lulu.  She writes mostly technical books about training skills and conditioning.  I’ve actually bought a few things from her before lulu was around and I was pleased with them.

Anyway, check out  And if you can write, or even if you can’t, publish a book.  Personally, I’m too lazy for that shit.  Writing is haaaard.  I can certainly write 44 pages of crap but not 44 pages of something anyone wants to pay for.


Meeting McKayla Maroney

January 28, 2013

I wasn’t going to post this at first since I thought it was one of those annoying clips where annoying little girls sit and talk about nothing, or worse do crappy gymnastics on their bed.  It’s not like I’m against crappy gymnastics or even bed gymnastics in general, I just think it’s stupid to post videos of yourself doing crappy gymnastics on your bed.

Anyway, it turns out that this IS one of those annoying videos where annoying girls talk about nothing.  However, these two are the girls in McKayla’s Instagram picture from the P&G event.  Also, they’ve uploaded lots of montages to youtube so that makes them kinda cool seeing as how they’re working their little butts off to entertain the rest of us lazy slobs.

Their video also answered some questions as far as what exactly this “P&G” event was all about.  I’d been wondering because that seemed to be it’s only name.  I was trying to figure out what it was for, what was happening there, just being nosy in general.  Going by their description, it was some kind of business function with people doing presentations for the products or whatever and passing out business cards.  I guess they were pretty much the only kids there.

FAIL!  – I had to edit this because I put the wrong link on the post.

Aly’s YouTube TV Show

January 26, 2013

Aly had a note on facebook in December saying she was filming for awesomenesstv.  I think the first episode is this Sunday.

Update:  Aly’s show was posted yesterday.  Aly was kind of wooden but maybe with practice, she’ll get better.  I was annoyed from almost the beginning of the clip though.  Aly showed a clip of a girl “sticking” a dismount off bars but she clearly hopped.

High School Gymnastics Needs Support

January 25, 2013

I don’t follow Men’s gymnastics.  I’m posting this story because I think these guys were done wrong and that sucks.

Over the objections of area coaches, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association decided last week to end recognized competition among the handful of high schools that have boys’ gymnastics teams. The seven schools with all-boys’ gymnastics programs are Andover, Attleboro, Braintree, Burlington, Lowell, Newton North, and Newton South.

They can still compete as club.  Teams like sailing, rowing, riflery, rugby, and fencing already do.  I just wonder why cut recognition if it didn’t cost the MIAA anything to recognize them.   The official reason seems lame as hell.

Wetzel said that MIAA officials opted to drop boys’ gymnastics because the National Federation of State High School Associations (better known as NFHS) announced that it would no longer be writing national rules for boys’ gymnastics, according to Wetzel.

In April 2012 the NFHS made that “difficult” decision due to declining participation in boys’ gymnastics, according to NFHS spokeswoman Becky Oakes. “The number of states that sanction boys’ gymnastics had dropped down to a point where it was no longer practical that we were writing a national set of rules for the sport,” said Oakes. “We were down to three states that really recognize boys’ gymnastics.”

I don’t get that?  How much do the rules change every year that writing the rules is such a chore?

Paul Wetzel, MIAA spokesmoron had some stupid shit to say:

“It’s a girls’ sport,” said Wetzel, referring to the lopsided participation rates. “When was the last time you watched boys’ gymnastics? They don’t get on the cover of the Wheaties box. They don’t get the endorsements.”

What?  I really wasn’t aware of too many high school gymnasts in any sport getting on the Wheaties box and raking in the endorsements.  That’s not what high school sports is about.

I think private gymnastics clubs really need to step up to the plate and work together to get high school gymnastics swinging again for boys and girls.  Even if the gymnastics team has to be club only.  Increased participation would make the sport more popular as a whole.  That’s what we want, don’t we? Why can’t private clubs sponsor gymnastics teams for their local high schools and colleges?  Don’t just take the people that are switching over from private club competition.  Remember that easy gymnastics is gymnastics too!

Gymnastics is a hard sport.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is coaches who think only in terms of roundoff, backhandspring, etc.  The older beginner shows up and what do they get?  A big fat, “Ummmm, try cheer.”  What they should get is a “Welcome aboard.  Here’s your new routine with skills from like 1935.  Go TEAM!!”  Take that beginner and teach him a tuck jump and cartwheel.  Send him on out there to earn his 4.265 or whatever. Open up the sport to more people  so gymnastics participation can start growing instead of continuing to shrink.

Participation in sports like basketball or baseball or whatever is high so the High school coach can afford to take only those who know how to play.  Gymnastics really doesn’t have that luxury.  Please coaches, when it comes time for kids to sign up for High school gymnastics make sure your flyer says, “Beginners Welcome” and have some easy, level 1 routines ready for those who want to participate but don’t have any experience.  Use your imagination.  Remember, standing on toe with free leg extended was a coded skill once upon a time.


K what ya?

January 25, 2013

I’ve always pronounced the name Ksenia as Ka-Zeen-ya.  Recently, I learned that actress Ksenia Solo pronounces her name Ka-Sen-ya.  I wonder what’s up with that exactly?  It’s not unusual for a name to have a couple different pronunciations.  I wonder if any of the gymnasts named Ksenia actually say their names differently than I thought.  Of course, it could be that Ksenia Solo was named by someone who didn’t actually know how to pronounce Ksenia.  That’s happened before.  Ksenia Solo was born in Latvia so she probably pronounces her name the Latvian way.

Worst meet videography of all time?

January 25, 2013

For my previous post, I was trying to find videos of Brandie Jay on bars.  I came across her bars set from 2011 Pan Ams.  I forgot how they kept switching to overhead view from that meet.  OMFG, so annoying.  It was like the camera was doing gymnastics right along with the gymnast.  FFFFUUUUUGH!   I can’t remember if this is the same meet that had the floating camera which moved from side to side and up and down during the routine.  Double FFFFUUUUUGH!!!!

Honestly, I know there’s worse meet video out there but it’s usually taken by the shaking hands of somebody’s zoom-happy grandmother, not people who are presumably paid professionals.

Brandie’s Bars

January 25, 2013

Usually I ignore any news about college gymnastics.  I really thought I always would but I guess I forgot that some elite gymnasts I’m really interested in go on to do college gym.  So today, I have a post about Brandie Jay.  She’s been named SEC freshman gymnast of the week.  I don’t care. The story did make me wonder what was up with Brandie these days.

Brandie made my cool people list for being an older teen who made the jump to elite instead of coasting along at level 10 until college.  Not saying there’s anything wrong with that.  I just find the people who take an alternate path to be more interesting.

Brandie’s at Georgia now.  As an elite, she and a teammate did that fake full twisting Tkatchev that’s in the code.  I think I heard that skill was finally devalued.  Probably read it on but I can’t find it right now.  Anyway, so far this season, Brandie isn’t doing her FFTT.  I wonder if that will change as the season progresses or if they took it for good.