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Five gymnasts per team-licensed to tumble

May 31, 2008

A few days ago, posted about some proposed changes for the 2012 Olympics.  According to International Gymnast magazine, these changes are now official.  

The IG article also mentions that all gymnasts will need licenses to participate in international competition. “The FIG will grant a license after receiving the gymnast’s birthdate, biography and insurance information from the sponsoring federation.”  I have to wonder if this has anything to do with the He Kexin situation.  If so, what a pointless rule.  How would this stop age fakers from age faking?  

Perhaps it’s just a way to raise more money.  I can’t imagine those licenses will be free.  The FIG won’t even let you protest a bad score for free anymore.  Also, the FIG has been trying to make world competitions smaller and less expensive.  Maybe they think if the athletes need a license to compete, fewer will want to.  

Comedian commentators

May 29, 2008

Stumbled across this vid on the Australiasian blog.  It’s from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.  These two characters, Roy and HG, take a look at three Russian mens’ floor routines.  They also did one for three of the Aussie women.  I think the one for the men was funnier though.  

What are they talking about?  Check out these definitions on  

Sacramone as a level 6

May 27, 2008

Live, Breathe, Love Gymnastics has posted a link to a video of Alicia from level 6.  It’s fun to watch.  I hardly remember those old compulsory routines.  Just for funsies, compare this video of Alicia doing a handspring vault as a college gymnast to the one she did as a level 6. 


These videos have  been taken off youtube.  I didn’t realize there was also a level 6 vid of Nastia and I didn’t get to see it before the content police cracked down.  If the videos are still on the NBC Olympics site if you can view them.  

Ask Dominique Dawes

May 24, 2008

Courtney Macavinta is going to interview Dawes in a few days.  She’d love to get questions by Saturday, May 24.  That’s today.  Go here and ask some good questions.  


Dominique’s interview is up.  

Just because some reporter gets your age wrong…

May 23, 2008

If some paper reports that you are 14 in an Olympic year, that doesn’t mean anything because we know how reporters are prone to mistakes.  Considering the controversy over He Kexin’s age though, I find this especially funny.  

Olympic gymnastics title contenders suddenly have one more thing to worry about other than the eight gold medals China claimed at the Tianjin World Cup last week. Her name is He Kexin.

The 14-year-old newcomer to the national team, who was recruited last year, has raised a lot of eyebrows recently after she broke two world records on the uneven bars in as many months. She will be just one more weapon on an already star-studded Chinese Olympic squad.

Somebody needs to tell People’s Daily Online that He is supposed to be 16.  

Dutch hopefuls have training camp in USA

May 17, 2008

Six Dutch gymnasts and their coach participated in a two week training camp in the US.  And where did they train you ask?  Why, New Age Gymnastics Academy of course.  Training camps are great but I think next time they shouldn’t choose a gym based on who they might know at that gym.  Not if the goal is to train with and learn from the best.      

2008 Visa Championships are next week

May 17, 2008

For Men, Rhythmic, and Trampoline and Tumbling.  They are going to be in Texas.  Women’s championships are going to be held closer to trials at a different location (Boston).  The men wanted to have their championships separately because they want more time between Championships and Trials.  The women’s program feels the need to have Championships as late as they possibly can.  They seem to think it keeps the athletes on their toes.  

I don’t know how many gymnasts have actually made the Olympic team and then let their training slide.  Missy Marlowe seems to be the one example I can think of.  People said her performance level at the games was just not the same.  Besides the one time I can think of that it really happened, I wonder if their definition of letting your training slide is really just wanting to eat more than bread and water once you get to the games.  Every Olympics you hear about families having to sneak food to their athletes.  I just wonder how much of the extra pressure they try to put into the process is really necessary.        

Finding out your real name at 16

May 16, 2008

Darling Hill?  I thought the reporter had made a stupid mistake when I first started reading this story.  Apparently not.  


Jennifer Sey backs that thang up

May 6, 2008

Or maybe she wishes that thang hadn’t been backed up.  I posted about Jennifer Sey’s blog some days ago.  Now the post has been removed.  You can read a copy of it over at though.  

Canada’s bid to encourage specialists

May 6, 2008

Canada doesn’t have any WAG all-arounders that could challenge for a medal and they don’t have any specialists that could do so either.  Their system for selecting the two athletes to go to the games is designed for specialists though.  Currently, their best two all-arounders are in second and third place.  Some people are decrying this as a huge mistake.  To me, it seems like a strategic move on Gym Canada’s part.  

It’s pretty clear that if you can’t field a team full of strong all-arounders, the next best way to place well is by having good specialists – that can stay healthy.  This point system and emphasis on specialists isn’t going to do anything in the short term but perhaps during the next quad, they’ll start to see more girls coming up through the ranks who can pull high 15s or 16s on two or three events.  This would be good for Canada’s gymnasts vying for the next games.  It’s better to have 6 spots to compete for rather than only two.  

I love the all-around.  I don’t like to see their two girls get chosen based on events they have no chance of winning.  However, I can see how this might lead to a stronger team Canada in the future.