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Why we are picky.

October 5, 2012

Why we are picky.

People who have a great interest in something can seem hard to please. We talk at great length about our interest and sometimes folks ask us, “Why can’t you just enjoy it?” or “Why do you have to be so picky?” I think we’re picky because we do enjoy it. We enjoy it enough to spend a lot of time with our interest and in spending all that time we come to notice things we never would have noticed otherwise.

Postal Meets / IAIGC World Championships

October 1, 2012

I’ve found that swimming and wieght lifting and maybe some other sports have a thing called postal meets. Basically, people perform on their own and then mail in the results with a small entry fee. Then the results are ranked against other people. I think it would be cool if Masters gymnastics had postal meets. People could upload a video of their routine and it would be judged. It would be just like a real meet except long distance.

I’m hoping that by posting this, maybe somebody will decide to do it. I think this needs to be done by somebody with some standing. People aren’t just going to mail in $10.00 bucks to some random person they don’t know. If masters-gymnastics or gymnastike, maybe chalkbucket did it, it might take off. What would really be great would be if one or more of the federations did it.

Speaking of federations.  The United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs has something interesting going on.  Apparently, there is now an International Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs with a World Championship meet to match.  It looks like an open meet with sessions for all levels.  There are results for 2012 up.  I wish they had more information up.  The IAIGC should really have it’s on web presence.  Even if it’s just a page or few on the USAIGC’s website.  If they have a site, I couldn’t find it.