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Geddert opens mouth, inserts foot

October 29, 2011

So Jordyn went pro.  Good for her.  Just stay healthy and be smart with your upgrades, thanks.  That’s not why I’m writing this post.

‘Member when Shawn Johnson’s mom said something a bit negative about college gymnastics?  It caused a bit of drama because some folks were upset that she seemed to think Shawn was too good for college gymnastics.  After that happened, I would think most folks would want to stay away from drama, but I guess not.

“I’m supportive of the idea in that Jordyn isn’t cut out for college gymnastics,” said her coach, John Geddert. “I don’t think the 14 weekends in a row doing watered-down gymnastics, that’s not what she’s all about. When you compete with the best in the world, I don’t see her sinking her teeth into that type of situation.”

I’m not a big fan of college gymnastics because I don’t like the judging.  I understand that there are people who don’t like college gymnastics because they think it’s watered down.  Still, I can’t tell you how surprised I am to see something like this come out of Geddert’s mouth.  It just seems like such a non-politically smart thing to say.  How many gymnasts does Geddert send to college gymnastics?  Why would he diss the program like that?  It just doesn’t seem smart to me.

Some people think this is a bad decision because Jordyn might not make enough to pay for college.  I think she’ll make the money to make up for the lost scholarship and probably more.  Even if she wants to go to an expensive college, she’ll make the money for that.  If she goes to a less expensive college (not every college costs $100k or more) then she will make the money easily.  Shawn had already made $500k before the 2008 Olympics.

I wonder if Geddert will get a percentage of Jordyn’s endorsement and prize money now.  For some reason, many coaches take a cut of the athlete’s earnings.  I don’t understand this since it seems to me, the athlete has already paid the coach tuition and coaching fees for years.  I don’t see doctors and engineers and politicians giving their former teachers a cut of their salary.  What is the deal with coaches getting money once the athlete has succeeded?  Not every coach does this so maybe Geddert won’t either.  When Mary Lou Retton was negotiating her endorsements after she wont he AA, an amount for Bela Karolyi was included in the deal.  When the deal was signed, he turned that money over to her.

And what’s the deal with Wieber’s prize money from Worlds?

The decision allows her to accept prize money for her gold medal individual all-around win at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Tokyo.

Her coach, John Geddert, would not say how much she will receive but said it was a five-figure total.

It makes sense that there is prize money for Worlds since the World Cup has prize money.  The amount is probably posted somewhere so I don’t know what is the deal with Geddert being secretive about it.

What is the meaning of this?

October 15, 2011

Yamilet Pena is rocking a tuck position on her double front vault that is completely ridiculous for someone of her ability level to use.   Her best competition attempt at worlds was in qualifications where she had an ass landing that was still under-rotated.  Not one but TWO big steps back!  To rotate faster, she needs to pull her knees to her ears.  I’m not saying that she shouldn’t work towards a nice tuck position.  I’m just saying maybe she should just try to land the thing first.

When I say “land” I don’t mean a butt landing.  I don’t see why they even count as feet first landings.


Almost all the videos on youtube of Pena are of her crashing the Produnova.  She does do the other events though.  Judging by her scores, there may be a fair amount of crashing involved on her other events too but she does have some good skills.  On this UB routine she drops off on her toe shoot but does a nice double layout dismount.