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Raisman Talks Dancing.

February 28, 2013
      As soon as we heard that Needham gold medalist

Aly Raisman

    had joined the cast of “Dancing With the Stars,” we sent her an e-mail with some pressing questions. On Wednesday, the 18-year-old e-mailed us her answers — with many exclamation points. Here’s what she had to say:
    Raisman says her dance skills are going to need a lot of help because it’s so different from gymnastics.

Gym Bus is Bare. Gets Ripped Off Anyway.

February 28, 2013

Thieves stole the batteries out of four gymnastics buses.

COLUMBIA – Someone stole $600 worth of batteries this weekend from four buses at the Gymnastics Express parking hub on South Bearfield Rd.  Company owner Jeff Conner said he discovered the theft Tuesday morning, when one of his buses booked by a nearby pre-school would not start.

There’s a video with this story which showed a little bit of the bus.  It looked rather empty.  I found the website for the company and it turns out the bus looks empty because it is.  Lots of people make their own gym buses.  You don’t have to go the expensive Tumblebus route.

Maroney Rakes in the Cash

February 27, 2013

I’m just guessing.  She has an endorsement deal with Dr. Pepper Snapple.  She will not appear in advertisements so it’s probably not super big bucks.

Of course, Aly is also getting paid.  She’ll do Dancing With The Stars and she’ll be paired with Mark Ballas.  When Shawn was on DWTS, the only part of the show I watched was Shawn’s clips on youtube.  I’ll probably do the same think with Aly.  There’s a picture of Mark and Aly where Mark is making some guesture and it looks like he’s pointing at Aly’s boobs.  Aly has georgeous hair!

Nastia Liukin is still getting paid.  According to this site she has an estimated net worth of $2 million.  I don’t know what the hell that means because lower in the site they claim her estimated net worth is $50 million.  It’s probably a typo.  The entry for Shawn Johnson says $9 million in both places.  This site has the estimated net worth for a couple of gymnasts.  Nadia ($10 million), Mary Lou ($5.8 million), Douglas and Jordyn ($3 million), Orozco ($500 thousand), Bela Karolyi ($5 million).

I think being on DWTS is going to bump Aly up.  Maybe into the ShawNadia-sphere if she manages to hang in for a long time.  Bank!  Chica’s gonna be making bank!


Skinner Practices Going Out of Bounds

February 27, 2013

It’s totally mental.  Coach Rick posted a video which shows what I’m talking about.  The first part of the clip shows MyKayla Skinner backing out of the floor area before her tumbling pass starts.  She’s trying to get as much space as she can before she does her tumbling.  She really doesn’t need the extra space.

Nia Dennis: Off The Mat Part 2

February 9, 2013

In this episode of OFF The Mat with Buckeye Gymnastics Elite Nia Dennis, we get a look into Nia’s life at the gym. Nia is highly respected at Buckeye Gymnastics and is a role model for her teammates and a very supportive teammate. Nia and her parents talk about what the 2012 Visa Championships experience was like and how it impacted the family and Nia’s Gymnastics. Nia’s sister Mya shows us how she supported Nia at VIsa’s

Gary and Sherri Johnson: “Fans of the Sport” Award

February 7, 2013

The problems started after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when a lot of children’s gymnastic schools closed. Coaches earned a pittance, while those training the new generations weren’t specialists, but rather fans of the sport, so of course the end product suffered,” says Aleksandrov.

I was struck by this quote when I first read it.  I just thought it was pretty awesome concept to think that Russian Gymnastics might have been kept afloat by fans.  Not that the “specialists” Aleksandrov mentions weren’t fans and not that the fans he talks about didn’t have plenty of coaching knowledge.  I’m sure they did and weren’t simply Joe Fanbois off the street, coming to save the day.

Anyway, Gary and Sherri Johnson’s town got its own high school for the first time in 20 years.  Sherri, who had coached high school gymnastics before, decided to start a high school gymnastics team.  The team practices in swanky digs on the Johnson’s farm.  The team has already had a meet and there were lots of spectators to cheer them on.

I think it’s awesome how the Johnson’s are supporting high school gymnastics and I think it would be great if other clubs started following their lead.  I think most clubs could support a high school team by providing a coach and practice time.  They wouldn’t even have to do it for free.  It could be a pay to play club sport.  So, high school kids have the opportunity to compete in gymnastics on decent equipment with good coaches and the club doesn’t lose money trying to make this happen.  Everybody wins.

Shows and a Spokesdude Apology

February 6, 2013

Flippin Awesome Episode 2 is out.

There’s a show on Gymnastike that’s supposed to be about US elite Nia Dennis.  I don’t know.  Nia’s baby sister totally owns the first episode.

P.S. The MIAA spokesdude that claimed gymnastics was a girl’s sport has apologized.  He says he was trying to make a point and ended up putting his foot in his mouth.  Okay.  Haven’t we all done that?  I hereby apologize for calling this guy a spokesmoron.



Biomechanically Sounds Like Bullshit…

February 4, 2013

without proof.  To me, anyway.

I don’t see why people have to use the phrase “biomechanically sound” as if they’ve actually done a study and can prove that what they’re saying is true.  Watching gymnasts is not a study.  If a group of gymnasts use a particular technique, it’s not proof of the biomechanical soundness of that technique.  It could just be easier.  Like a tuck is easier than a layout but that doesn’t mean it’s more biomechanically sound than a layout.

For some reason, certain folks are just convinced that things like bent over landings and grabbing the shins in tuck are biomechanically sound.  Lunges are supposedly biomechanically sound.  Sheesh!


Passing The Low Bar

February 3, 2013

Coach Rick posted a video showing a bar routine from NCAA gymnast Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto.  Somebody posted this comment:

The bar width is also the reason she (and so many others) can do that double layout – look at how she can stretch on those accelerating giants.  It’s way tougher on FIG settings!

Apparently, this person is unaware that Dancose-Giambattisto is using the same shape giant for her dismount that she used in FIG.  A straddle.  Here she is straddling past the low bar at Gymnix in 2012.

No matter what bar width, most gymnasts have to change their body shape to get past it while doing a giant swing.  Some do that ugly, over bar tap.  Others pike over the low bar swinging forwards or backwards.  And some straddle.  Many gymnasts use more than one method during the same routine.  Dancose-Giambattisto pikes past the bar earlier in the routine and straddle past it for her dismount.

Note:  There’s a little conversation on Coach Rick about the NCAA announcers’ use of the word exhibitionist.

Exhibitionist – Somebody who performs at exhibitions.  It has other meanings, but they did note at the start of the video (I missed this myself the first time watching it) that this bar routine was Dancose Giambattisto’s first non-exhibition routine in college…so.