Upcoming: WOGA Classic

The 2013 WOGA classic is going to be held February 15 – 17 at the Dr Pepper Arena & Frisco Conference Center.  Nastia, Carly, and Rebecca will be signing autographs after the elite session.

In addition to U.S. gymnasts, this year’s event will feature top gymnasts from Russia, the Ukraine, Belgium, England, Canada, Latvia, Mexico and Austria. More than 1,500 competitors are expected to take part in the meet.

Here’s a blast from the past.  Viktoria Komova competed at the 2008 WOGA Classic.  Unfortunately, things are looking a bit sketchy for Komova right now.  Examiner is reporting that she might be injured.

A Russian news site is reporting that Viktoria Komova may be out of the upcoming Russian and European Championships due to a nagging back injury.

“Why the injury happened is not yet clear,” Komova told FCP-Press, adding that it might have been triggered by a growth spurt.

It would be interesting to know what Komova’s post-Olympic training was like.  This would’ve been the perfect time for her to take it easy.  She’s already been to the Olympics, it’s four years until the next one, and she was clearly due to grow more.  Some coaches try to have their gymnasts train straight through a growth spurt without making any adjustments to their regimen.  This increases the gymnasts’ chances of getting hurt.  When they do get hurt, people blame the growth spurt which is really inaccurate.  A growth spurt is something that is going to happen to most gymnasts.  Coaches should see this coming and make appropriate adjustments.

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