Brandie’s Bars

Usually I ignore any news about college gymnastics.  I really thought I always would but I guess I forgot that some elite gymnasts I’m really interested in go on to do college gym.  So today, I have a post about Brandie Jay.  She’s been named SEC freshman gymnast of the week.  I don’t care. The story did make me wonder what was up with Brandie these days.

Brandie made my cool people list for being an older teen who made the jump to elite instead of coasting along at level 10 until college.  Not saying there’s anything wrong with that.  I just find the people who take an alternate path to be more interesting.

Brandie’s at Georgia now.  As an elite, she and a teammate did that fake full twisting Tkatchev that’s in the code.  I think I heard that skill was finally devalued.  Probably read it on but I can’t find it right now.  Anyway, so far this season, Brandie isn’t doing her FFTT.  I wonder if that will change as the season progresses or if they took it for good.

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