2008 Tour has a website

There’s nothing on the website yet.  Maybe on Monday they’ll have something up.  I think it’s kind of lame to have all these ticket places out already hawking but not have your official info available yet.  What’s that about?  What is the holdup?  

This site has a picture of the tour poster on it.  I’m surprised to see that this poster has 7 guys and only four women on it.  Not that guys don’t deserve some publicity.  It’s just that women’s side of the sport is more popular so I’d expect to see more women than men on the poster.  Perhaps it is more of the same thing that happened in 2004.  USAG wasn’t as interested in the men.  They did most of their maneuvering to sign the women.  In a recent article about USAG’s No-Tour fiasco, it was mentioned that Steve Penny managed to get many of the athletes to sign except the most popular athletes.  Perhaps by “many” they only meant the women who were on the bubble.  Maybe the poster has more guys because that’s who initially signed with the Burg tour and the rest of the women haven’t been released by USAG yet or something.  

Hey.  I wonder what’s the deal with Paul Hamm and this tour since he’s not going to the Olympics this time?  Wow.  He was expected to do well and he signed before he broke his hand.  I wonder if there’s anything in his contract that says he gets paid less now.

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