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2008 Tour has a website

August 1, 2008

There’s nothing on the website yet.  Maybe on Monday they’ll have something up.  I think it’s kind of lame to have all these ticket places out already hawking but not have your official info available yet.  What’s that about?  What is the holdup?  

This site has a picture of the tour poster on it.  I’m surprised to see that this poster has 7 guys and only four women on it.  Not that guys don’t deserve some publicity.  It’s just that women’s side of the sport is more popular so I’d expect to see more women than men on the poster.  Perhaps it is more of the same thing that happened in 2004.  USAG wasn’t as interested in the men.  They did most of their maneuvering to sign the women.  In a recent article about USAG’s No-Tour fiasco, it was mentioned that Steve Penny managed to get many of the athletes to sign except the most popular athletes.  Perhaps by “many” they only meant the women who were on the bubble.  Maybe the poster has more guys because that’s who initially signed with the Burg tour and the rest of the women haven’t been released by USAG yet or something.  

Hey.  I wonder what’s the deal with Paul Hamm and this tour since he’s not going to the Olympics this time?  Wow.  He was expected to do well and he signed before he broke his hand.  I wonder if there’s anything in his contract that says he gets paid less now.

2008 World Tour of Gymnastics Superstars

July 30, 2008

Tickets are going on sale Monday.  Details won’t be available until Monday.  I search “2008 World Tour of Gymnastics Superstars” and all I get is a bunch of ticket websites.  That kinda sucks.    

It looks as if Nastia Liukin signed with Burg.  I wasn’t in suspense thinking that she wouldn’t.  It’s the only tour this year.

“Loyal athlete signers”

June 13, 2008

This month’s IG editorial by Paul Ziert is about how USAG president Steve Penny has made some major errors recently.  Error number one was about how Steve organized the USAG post-olympic tour but failed to sign Shawn Johnson, Paul Hamm, and Morgan Hamm.  They signed with a rival tour run by Mike Burg.  He also doesn’t have Nastia who hasn’t signed with anyone.  Since he doesn’t have the biggest stars, this nullifies his contracts.  

Ziert writes:

Hence, Burg will now do his tour in the 30 cities reserved by USAG with the athletes that USAG claims it created with no financial gain to the federation other than a possible sanction fee, which isn’t even required.  and most of the loyal athlete signers will get much less or possibly nothing from tour money.

I have two issues with this.  First, just because USAG claims they created the athletes doesn’t mean they actually did.  The athletes, their families, and their coaches are the ones who did all of the work to get to the top with no help from USAG.  I will never understand why people think they owe USAG something for their success.  USAG didn’t get Shawn’s parents to take her to Chow’s instead of staying with the coach who thought she had brute strength but no talent.  USAG didn’t get Paul and Morgan’s dad to harrass Stacy Maloney into training them to greatness.  USAG certainly did not pick up the tab when it came to 6+ years of training expenses before these athltes were even on USAG’s radar.  USAG doesn’t do a damned thing to help these athletes when it matters most, yet they “created” them.  That is total crap!  

My second issue with this is the use of the phrase “loyal athlete signers”.  I don’t appreciate the dig at Shawn, Paul, Nastia, and Morgan.  These guys have worked hard and they deserve to get the most for their talents.  It has nothing to do with being “loyal” to some organization that hasn’t done anything for them anyway.  And how does Ziert know that these other athletes are loyal as opposed to simply being too scared not to sign.  How many of these athletes worry that not signing would hurt their Olympic chances?  

Penny used some serious arm-twisting to get many of the athletes to sign binding, exclusive contracts before anyone even knew they were going to Beijing.  He succeeded with all except the four I mentioned above.

I’m glad USAG got pwned.  If they had offered fair packages to the above athletes, they would be signed.  Instead they want to lowball the athletes and pocket the money so they can pad their own salaries.  


It’s MIke Burg,  not Mark Burg.  I don’t know why I put that there.