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USAG marketing revenues = $4 Mil

July 28, 2008

This article from NBC Olympics talks about USAG and it’s marketing partners.  

Fortunately for USAG, its marketing partners don’t simply show up toward the end of the Olympic countdown. When Visa or AT&T or Tyson develops a program around athletes, it isn’t a one-year deal.

“Visa has helped us by making the athletes a fundamental part of their reality campaign,” Penny says. “AT&T has put together the online documentaries, ‘Behind The Team,’ with 25 episodes online. Then they spend in advertising to promote the series. They helped us put the world championships from Stuttgart on when they were not scheduled for TV.

USAG Collegiate Nationals

May 4, 2008

In a previous post, I wondered what the heck USAG collegiate nationals was all about.  This question has been asked over at too.  So I decided to investigate.  I came up with an old post from gymn-L (Mar 1999 from Dean Ratliff) which explains it this way.   

“USAG Collegiate Nationals is mainly Div II teams. There are very few teams at
this level and NCAA would no longer support a national meet for this level.
USAG took it over to these teams could still have a national meet. However,
this meet is not limited to only Division II teams. Division I teams can be
eligible if they have a certain number of scholarships (a rather low number I
believe) and I think all Division III schools are eligible, but since
qualification to the meet is by score, they don’t
often qualify to the meet. To compete in this meet, however, all athletes have
to become members of USAG as well as the coaches have to follow all the same
membership regulations as all profesional members of USAG.”

 I think there are two more collegiate national meets.  One is Division III (NCGA) and the other isNAIGC for college club teams. 

“Are these people famous?”

April 22, 2008

Taniaanthony has posted a vid of the US team working out at Chelsea Piers prior to the American Cup.  

Mattress of Champions

April 22, 2008

Bemco has been a USAG sponsor since 1990.  They’ve released some new gymnastics themed ads that feature Alexander Artemev and Chellsie Memmel.  

USAG is looking for a new Marketing Coordinator

April 22, 2008

Is this you? 

“Minimum Qualifications:

Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree; a Business or Sports Management degree is preferred. One year of professional experience required. Sports industry experience preferred. The preferred candidate must have effective oral and written communication skills, customer service skills, and problem solving ability. Strong organizational skills and ability to balance multiple tasks are critical. Attention to detail and proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office applications required. Position is full-time, non-exempt staff position. The position will require weekend work and irregular hours. Event travel will be required. Candidate must be capable of lifting up to 30 pounds.”

USAG seems to have had some fierce suckage going on in the marketing department for quite some time now.  Maybe you could be the cure.  


Also, this job posting appears on a site called US National Governing Body Jobs.  Specialty job boards are the shizzle.  

USA Gymnastics collegiate meets?

April 22, 2008

 USA Gymnastics has a collegiate championships every year.  As far as I know, they don’t seem to have any collegiate meets other than that.  I’ve always thought this was a little weird.  Every year the meet just pops up out of the blue.  Then the collegiate division just fades away until the next year.  

Tina Wise is going to level 8 regionals

April 22, 2008

This mother of two is 38 years old and trains 8 hours a week.  She placed 7th of 26 Senior C (15 and up) gymnasts at the Maryland state meet.  She placed 4th, 5th, 22nd, and 13th on vault, bars, beam and floor.  Her scores were 8.8, 8.850, 7.850, and 8.825 for an All Around total of 34.325.  


USA Gymnastics’ take on the injury report?

April 11, 2008

Articles about the first national study done on gymnastics injuries have been popping up all over.  USAG hasn’t said anything about it yet though.  I was expecting something to appear on their website perhaps.