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2008 post-Olympic tour

July 15, 2008

Information about Mike Burg’s tour is now available.  You have to register for a free two week trial on this site in order to view the article.  Mr.  Burg totally outmaneuvered USAG as far as signing top athletes for this year’s tour.  

An Edge Entertainment-produced TV special will showcase two of gymnastics’ biggest stars — Shawn Johnson and Paul Hamm — and musicians from Hollywood Records, a Disney label that includes the Jonas Brothers and the Cheetah Girls. Details of that broadcast and participating artists were still being worked out last week.

The broadcast will coincide with a 30-city tour beginning in September that marries gymnastics performances with Disney musical acts, making it one of the first arena events to combine sports and teen pop music. The events will visit members of the Arena Network, including San Diego, Phoenix, Anaheim, Denver, Houston, Chicago and others. Individual tickets for a similar tour in 2004 sold for $45, $35, $25 and $15. Sponsorships also will be sold to support the tour.

At the end of the article there is a quote from Sheryl Shade that is completely ridiculous.  

Shade said, “(Disney is) looking at (Johnson) very closely because she fits to a ‘T’ one of those teen idol-heroes that they love to build up. It’s her Midwest values.”

Midwest values, huh?  I’m sure it’s actually the fact that she wins which Disney is interested in.  

There is also a picture of Shawn doing a split jump in the article and no it’s not a good pic.