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USAG Collegiate Nationals

May 4, 2008

In a previous post, I wondered what the heck USAG collegiate nationals was all about.  This question has been asked over at too.  So I decided to investigate.  I came up with an old post from gymn-L (Mar 1999 from Dean Ratliff) which explains it this way.   

“USAG Collegiate Nationals is mainly Div II teams. There are very few teams at
this level and NCAA would no longer support a national meet for this level.
USAG took it over to these teams could still have a national meet. However,
this meet is not limited to only Division II teams. Division I teams can be
eligible if they have a certain number of scholarships (a rather low number I
believe) and I think all Division III schools are eligible, but since
qualification to the meet is by score, they don’t
often qualify to the meet. To compete in this meet, however, all athletes have
to become members of USAG as well as the coaches have to follow all the same
membership regulations as all profesional members of USAG.”

 I think there are two more collegiate national meets.  One is Division III (NCGA) and the other isNAIGC for college club teams.