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Mac and Al

June 15, 2008

Mackenzie Caquatto  and Alaina Johnson would be really surprised if they wound up in Beijing.  Mackenzie has achieved her goal of making the national team.  Alaina made the national team and achieved her goal of not finishing last.  

Mackenzie is coached by Don and Patrice McPherson who own Aerial Gymnastics club.  

The McPhersons are coaching Caquatto not to get too excited about the Trials or the invitation to the national training center near Houston that will follow the Trials if she does well enough. 

Johnson wanted to quit elite after competing in two national championships and finishing last in both due to injury.  Her coach, Martin Parsley, talked her out of it.  

“We are realistic and know that we belong to the strongest gymnastics team in the world,” Parsley said. “Of the 12 teams qualified for the Olympics, you know that if you lived in nine of them, you’d be on their Olympic team. 
“Alaina doesn’t have any international experience and the top nine have international experience … and four of them are world champions on something. 
“We are going to do exactly what we did at the last meet and then go home and watch the Olympics on T.V. like everyone else.”