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Bitter Olympics for Nansy?

June 15, 2008

I seriously have to wonder how Nansy Damianova is dealing with the Kristina Vaculik situation.  And how is she dealing with the Elise Hopfner-Hibbs situation?  I can’t imagine it would be too much fun to qualify for the Olympics but then all anybody can talk about is how KV deserves your spot and EHH’s coach should go instead of yours.  Wow.  

Considering 6-3-3, Gymnastics Canada probably wanted to get more specialists coming up the pipeline.  Maybe it’ll work out that way eventually, but in the meantime they have to deal with a lot of belly aching.  People are complaing that this point system allowed some gymnasts to start gaining points while other gymnasts were too young.  Some gymnasts were able to get easy points in in easy meets while other gymnasts had a tough time getting points in hard meets.  Some events were easier to get points on.  

Perhaps if Vaculik hadn’t wiped the mat with Damianova so embarrassingly at the Canadian Championships people wouldn’t be so mad about the selection outcome.  Damianovo only managed to tie Vaculik for first on vault.  Then she only got fourth place on floor.  Meanwhile KV managed another first and two more second places.  

I haven’t seen anything so far from Damianova or her coach.  What would they say?  I don’t think people would want to hear anything from them that doesn’t involve them stepping aside to let Vaculik compete.  Of course, Australia’s Craig Stevens qualified for the Olympics in another race.  He was also paid some $60k for an exclusive deal to cover his announcement.  

Perhaps irate gym fans should put up or shut up.  Hey, people have been known to raise lotsa dough in a short time to get an athlete’s family to the games.  Nothing says they can’t raise dough to get an athlete to consider staying home.