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Kerri Strug’s vote

September 28, 2008

We know she was a Republican at least once.  She’s also voting yes on marathons now.  She’s running the NYC Marathon and hopes to get under 4 hours.  Another vote of hers is that the age limit should go “…it’s a young sport.”  And if there is an age limit, everybody should follow the rules.

Does Hanes make leotards?

June 8, 2008

Hanes has a youtube channel dedicated to their “wedgie-free” panties.  There are four funny commercials featureing Sarah Chalke.  

Speaking of commercials.  Nastia had a couple of cool commercials during the broadcast for Day 2 of nationals.  They showed one of her training which ended with her pulling a tire down a vault runway.  There was a really nice one which had still 3D models of her and a music box type theme playing in the background.  They also showed this commercial featuring Kerri Strug’s vault from 1996. 

Shawn’s coke commercials were generic and boring in comparison.  Maybe they will show something better later on.  

John Macready also had a “Gold Medal Mom” commercial.  It was sweet.  Tyson is actually doing some sort of contest so maybe you can win a trip to Beijing – and some cash.  


Youtuber Beechurst10 has uploaded Nastia’s “music box” commercial.  And here is the training commercial thanks to GymMaverick.