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Kathy Johnson – 1978 FX

July 30, 2008

It’s sometimes fun to apply the new code to old floor routines.  I think this one from Kathy Johnson has a start value of about 12.8 today but maybe up to 13.1 if she did her double twist at the end.  Her top ten skills are 8 As, one B and one C.  She does the double twist twice so it doesn’t count the second time.  She has no double salto so she loses .5 there.  Since her ending double twist doesn’t count, she loses a possible .3.  She gets no connection bonus.  

Her 1979 at Champions All started with a double pike and ended with the double twist.  Provided she didn’t change anything else (the video blacks out) I believe that routine would be worth about 13.9 the way she did it and 14.1 if she did the double pike at the end.  

Another routine in 1981 had a Triple twist and a B jump and turn but then she doesn’t complete all of today’s EGRs.  No leap series, no two saltos in different directions, and no dismount of the required level of difficulty.  As she performed it, I think the routine would be worth 13.0 or 13.1 depending on if she got credit for the triple twist or not.  It could be worth up to 14.6 though if she had the EGRs back in and the double pike to end.