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Shawn’s ugly face

July 15, 2008

International Gymnast magazine has chosen a picture of Shawn for their July cover photo.  She is in the middle of her double double or something and is making a funny face.  I really wonder why they chose this particular pic which makes Shawn look funny.  Maybe they really hate that Black and White leo she wears in the nice picture they have of her on the contents page.  Maybe they thought they’d use a pic of Shawn tumbling since that’s the strength of her gymnastics.  What I think is there are lots of nice pictures of Shawn out there and using one where her face is all scrunched up could’ve been avoided.

IG Forum

June 4, 2008

International Gymnast has another new forum.  The one at Yuku lasted about five minutes.  Seems like the one they had before that lasted about 10 minutes.  So far, you don’t don’t have to log in to view posts.  Every other major gymnastics forum requires registration before you can view posts and IG did too with the previous boards.  IG forum has a good activity level but I think it’s over-moderated.  Too much nanny-ism.  Most forums these days are over-moderated in one way or the other.