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How to use GymMath

August 14, 2008

The Gymblog has a new post about the Karolyis and their silly yacking about why team USA lost.  Because they made mistakes?  Of course not.  They are passing the blame onto, I don’t know, boogie men or something.  Anyway, the poster writes:

Again, we reiterate: Even if Alicia Sacramone had been perfect on balance beam and floor exercise in team finals, even ifChellsie Memmelcould have the 0.2 back for her jam through to her dismount on bars, even if all the out of boundses hadn’t happened on floor, China still would have defeated the U.S. by slightly more than half a point.

I think “we” are forgetting the basics of GymMath.  Alicia’s beam routine scored 15.95 in prelims.  With a fall she scored 15.1.  A fall is .8.  So Alicia fell and had a huge wobble before that and her score was only .85 lower than in prelims. I believe the Judges would have actually given her a 16 had she performed the same quality routine she did in prelims.  And that may be a stingy guess.  In finals Shawn scored .2 higher on beam than in prelims even though she added that little balance check.  Nastia got the same beam score in finals as she did in prelims even though her routine included more wobbles (I think.  I’d have to go back and count).  So by my GymMath it would have been possible for the US team to win if they hadn’t made those mistakes.  

Keeping the vault and bars scores the same – meaning I’m not adding .2 for Chellsie’s jam or whatever.  The actual team score they got + .2 extra that Nastia might have gotten without the wobbles on beam + the .85 Alicia lost on beam + the .325 that Shawn lost between prelims and finals on floor + the .15 that Nastia misplaced on floor + another .85 for Alicia on floor.  That bumps the score up by 2.375 which would tie the actual score China got with their mistakes included.  With hit routines the girls would’ve scored higher for finals.  Nastia steps out of bounds and scores .15 less than in prelims?  Unless I’m mistaken, there’s no .05 deduction for anything.  Without that step she would’ve gotten at least another .05 than she did in prelims.  The same for Alicia.  So with an extra + .05 * 3, that’s gives the team the win by .15.  

NEVER SAY NEVER WITH GYMMATH!!   You just have to use the right combination of Whatifs.  

Of course, If both teams hit, China wins.  The US really needed almost the same situation that happened in 2007 to happen again.  China went to Stuttgart with a big lead in Start Value.  They made mistakes and lost their lead.  The US made fewer mistakes and was able to squeak by for the win.  I say almost the same because I don’t think they could’ve afforded one fall this time.  They needed to perfect.  Not being broke might have also helped.