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Corrie Lothrop was adopted from China

June 19, 2008

You think you have to hear too much about how Shawn’s coach is from China and now they’re going back together.  Blah, blah, blah.  Imagine the DRAMA if Corrie was one of the top contenders.  

It’s interesting that Corrie should end up being a top US gymnast.  With her body type, I wonder if Chinese coaches would have ever selected her for training.  She is beefy with a capital Brick House.  

Corrie is another gymnast who was trained by her parents.  She is at Hill’s now but up until elite she was training at Yellow Jackets Gymnastics club which her parents own.  Then the family decided to take Corrie to a more experienced Coach.  Corrie and her mom moved so Corrie could train at Hill’s with Kelly Hill.  Her dad is holding down the fort at YJGC.  This is kind of opposite of what Chellsie Memmel’s parents did.  Chellsie’s parents own M&M Gymnastics but they had Chellsie train with Jim Chudy at Salto Gymnastics starting when she was eight.  It was only after Chellsie missed the 2004 Olympics and was going to quit that her parents began training her again.  

The Yellow Jackets website is probably the most boring looking gymnastics club site I’ve run across in recent memory.  Yuck.  They have a lot of videos of their gymnasts up though.