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Ashley Priess talks to IG

June 13, 2008

She quit because of her back.  Her sister also suffered from a back injury that caused her to retire from college gymnastics.  


I read a comment on IG Forum from someone who seemed to think that Ashley quitting was ” True proof that the Olympics is not the end all do all for all elite gymnasts.”  Considering that Ashley cites an injured back as the problem, I don’t see how this is proof of that.   

We don’t see a whole lot of uninjured athletes with a good shot of going to the games just giving it up.  How many times have we seen that?  

Ashley Priess – “SEXY Olympic gymnast”

June 11, 2008

Some enterprising cybersquatter has set up  A few pictures of Ashley are on the site.  I wonder if permission was obtained to use them.  This person has a lot of sites set up for other female athletes too.  Including three rhythmic gymnasts, Alexandra Orlando, Vera Sessina, and Olga Kapranova.  

Ashley’s sudden retirement is a hot topic.  Somebody dropping out of the race a few weeks before the end is bound to attract curiosity.  Everybody loves a train wreck.  I was doing a search to see if there were any new articles when I stumbled upon the above domain.  And no, I didn’t find anything new.  There is only the article from Inside Gymnastics where Mary Lee Tracy claims she had no idea this was coming.  Does MLT not know her athlete very well?  I just find it hard to believe that this young lady after having already made a world team and battled back from a back injury would not have let any hints at all drop that she might not wish to continue.  

As far as quitting goes.  Ashley Priess vs. Blaine Wilson.  I found Ashley’s retirement to be shocking.  I totally respect her decision though.  I just can’t muster the same feelings for Blaine Wilson.  I still think it would’ve been better for him to retire before the meet or afterwards.  Retiring in the middle of the meet, especially when you are not doing well is just poor form.  Then to say you retired because you didn’t want to risk injury instead of being truthful.  He retired because he wasn’t doing well.  It’s obvious.  If he was so worried about risking getting hurt, he wouldn’t have come back in the first place.  

I know some people might say, “Hey you can’t read the guy’s mind!”  No I can’t.  But I have a lifetime of experience with lies and liars.  Push comes to shove, I can tell a pretty phat fib myself.  ‘I quit because I didn’t accurately predict the level of competition and found myself doing poorly’ is exactly the kind of thing you would try to spin into, ‘Yeah.  It’s just not worth getting injured.’

Ashley Priess – Out

June 5, 2008

I was surprised to hear that Ashley Priess left trials.  A short blurb at the end of this article states that according to a USAG spokesperson she has retired and will focus on getting a college scholarship.  Australia can’t hog all the surprise retirements.  Maybe the retirement bug was actually aiming for Ashleigh Brennan and got Ashley Priess instead.