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What happened to Pavlova on vault?

August 18, 2008

Pavlova scored a zero for her second vault.  I’ve heard some people say she went before the green light and other people say she balked.  Balking is when you run for a vault or a skill and then bail out in the middle of it or don’t even start it.  An example of balking is Kramerenko in 2007 worlds team finals.  I don’t know if Pavs went before the green light AND balked or if she just went before the green light and people are mistakenly saying she also balked.  The NBC replay of vault event finals that I found does not show Pavlova.  I’m thinking I may need to dig a little further to find the feed from the event.


Bart and Nadia commentate on this video.  It shows Pavlova’s first and second vault but cuts off before she gets her zero for the second vault.