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People keep blaming Alicia

October 14, 2008

And they are stoopid for doing so.  It was Alicia’s falls AND mistakes from the rest of the team that added up to silver.  

When Alicia Sacramone took the mat in Beijing, there was no doubt in her mind she’d have a flawless routine. As team captain, and the oldest girl on the squad, this was her show. But two falls, one on balance beam and another on floor exercise, cost the Americans a gold medal.

Alicia’s 24 Hour Fitness commercial

October 4, 2008

I didn’t know Alicia had a commercial until recently.  I couldn’t find it on youtube but I did find it here.

Gymnast Access Hollywood Interviews

June 13, 2008

Sam is very cute.  I did not know Sam’s coach was from Beijing too.  She likes to listen to rap and loud music sometimes.  When I heard that, I thought it would be great if somebody made a montage of her to that funny little ditty, “White Chicks and Gang Signs“.  

Alicia Sacromone, Shawn Johnson, Paul Hamm and Morgan Hamm also have interviews on there.  It’s interesting how different Paul and Morgan’s voices are.  


Sacramone as a level 6

May 27, 2008

Live, Breathe, Love Gymnastics has posted a link to a video of Alicia from level 6.  It’s fun to watch.  I hardly remember those old compulsory routines.  Just for funsies, compare this video of Alicia doing a handspring vault as a college gymnast to the one she did as a level 6. 


These videos have  been taken off youtube.  I didn’t realize there was also a level 6 vid of Nastia and I didn’t get to see it before the content police cracked down.  If the videos are still on the NBC Olympics site if you can view them.