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Kerri Strug’s vote

September 28, 2008

We know she was a Republican at least once.  She’s also voting yes on marathons now.  She’s running the NYC Marathon and hopes to get under 4 hours.  Another vote of hers is that the age limit should go “…it’s a young sport.”  And if there is an age limit, everybody should follow the rules.

IOC won’t investigate age fakery

August 3, 2008

Perhaps in the future, China will be more careful with information involving its athlete’s ages.  I think they dodged a bullet or paid off someone this time.

China Daily issues correction for He Kexin’s age

June 1, 2008

I stumbled across this blog entry.  The post says that China Daily issued a correction to their story that stated He Kexin was 14 years old.  I guess this was made in the paper edition and not on the online edition?  

It’s also worth pointing out that the correction has not been made on CD’s website, but that’s not surprising because they are almost completely disassociated from one another.

I wonder why there was no correction to the other errors that were in the same article.   


Just because some reporter gets your age wrong II

June 1, 2008

If some chinese paper appears to report that you were 13 in a pre-Olympic year, that doesn’t mean anything because we know how reporters are prone to getting things wrong.  Considering the controversy over He Kexin’s age though, I find this especially funny.  

何可欣(體操) 13歲的武漢選手何可欣在女子高低杠比賽中的對手是國家隊的楊伊琳。在主場觀眾的支持下,這個小姑娘在決賽中出色地完成了“李婭空翻”的全套動作,險勝已經得到高分的世錦賽季軍楊伊琳,拼下冠軍。國家女隊總教練陸善真也為她鼓起了掌。