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Another Produnova?

May 16, 2014

When I first read that India’s Dipa Karmakar has started practicing the Produnova my initial reaction was to bang my head against my desk.  At first.  When I got a hold of myself I remembered that Dipa has attempted a front layout and now does a front pike half.  Maybe that doesn’t mean anything but maybe it does.  

In 2011 Yamilet Pena was doing a tucked front with a full whenever she wasn’t competing the Produnova.  By 2013 she started doing a front layout instead.  I’m pretty sure Yamilet’s front layout in 2013 was better than the front layout Dipa was doing in 2010.  Hard to say but the fact that Dipa has already done a front layout gives me hope that maybe her Produnova will be one of the less terrible ones.  

Anyway, I’ve felt that the best thing to come out of all these crapdunovas is that sooner or later we would start to see better prepared gymnasts training and competing the Produnova.  Somehow I don’t expect coaches to attempt teaching this to any of the current crop of top athletes but maybe they’re working with some of the younger ones right now.  Who knows.  

Can I exhale?

May 12, 2014

May 9th has come and gone. So far I haven’t heard any more about these new Olympic qualification procedures. The FIG has something on their site about reforms but says nothing about what that means.

As of May 9, delegates from the FIG affiliated Continental Unions will join the Executive for the Council, at which time several issues will be presented.

Maybe the whole ‘announcement on May 9th’ thing actually meant they would announce it to each other and let the rest of us know at a later date.

The Heebie Geebies

May 2, 2014

That’s what I got when I read that the FIG is going to announce a new Olympic qualification procedure. The last thing I remember from the FIG on this subject had something to do with cutting teams down to four. Please, no! Or if they do announce any sketchy changes next week, please let it be the kind of changes they turn around and undo five seconds later. OR maybe have the changes not be terrible!

This is bothering me. The not knowing what the fuck they are up to. Imma just try to stay cool with a dose of John Orozco trying to learn air flares. Of course, it’s not the air flares that sooth me, since he can’t do them yet. I’m calmed by the toe point. Looks pretty good from that angle.

Anyway, poor John can’t get air flares. The whole brute force approach might be slowing him down. He’d probably have better luck if he came up with some drills so he can learn it the same way he learned all his gymnastics skills. Bit by bit. Lots of gymnasts are only as good as they are because their coaches were able to utilize tons of drills that were developed by other coaches over many years.

Elizabeth Price – Weiler Kip and Simone’s New Gym

March 11, 2014

So, according to her athlete profile on USAG’s site, Simone is going to be training at World Champions Centre. Yes, that’s centre with an RE, mate. Now, I thought Simone’s coach, Aimee Boorman, started this club but according to the comments on Beautiful Gymnastics I was wrong. Simone’s parents started the gym.

Anyway, I was kind of bummed to hear Simone Biles wouldn’t be at the American Cup because I really wanted to see if she’d been able to upgrade her single toe point vault to a double toe point vault. It turns out I still got to see something cool. Elizabeth Price’s Weiler Kip. Of course, she’s actually been doing this since at least 2011 so I guess I haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Elizabeth Price’s Weiler Kip technique approaches what the men use.
When the men do weilers, at least the ones that are good at it, they start in handstand, drop to the knee or below, swing through front support with hips clear of the bar to handstand. Price’s weiler is good until she has to touch the bar at the end. Even so she doesn’t touch the bar above the upper thigh.

Typically, the weilers done by females start in handstand, drop to the hips or upper thigh, pike swing to piked front support with hips on the bar, and cast to handstand. Price’s technique may not be perfect but it is leaps and bounds better than what we’ve seen before this.

Woo Hooo!! Gymnastics on BONES!

December 7, 2013

Lol!! They’re totally acting like the dead gymnast must be so abused because of all her injuries. How butt-hurt is the gymnternet going to be over this?

Sooooo, is it a coincidence that Amanda’s dad was a physicist? Like wasn’t Shannon Miller’s dad a physicist? His chalkboard is kind of funny. I’m watching Numbers. For the longest time I thought Charlie Epps used blackboards because he had some kind of eccentric preference for them. I just recently started to think that it might be because the chalkboards show up on tv better. Moving on.

Doesn’t the gym seem overrun with teenaged girls? That club had more post-pubescent gymnasts in it than wherever the heck post-pubescent gymnasts usually hang out. And where were all the coaches anyway?

Funny how Mckayla’s character couldn’t stick her layout six months ago yet she’s number two to a girl who could do a double pike. And what was she doing spotting this girl anyway? What the hell kind of gymnastics club is this?

Mckayla trying to look shocked is a little funny. I think it was a bit over the top. I think it wouuld be neat if she pulled a Cameron Diaz. Do a bunch of good quality smaller projects with good quality talent and just learn as much as she can.

No way the coach really did it. There’s ten minutes left in the show. This is my tried and true method of figuring out who didn’t done it when it comes to tv shows.

OOOOOh! Didn’t see that one coming.

WTF I did not see THAT coming either.

OMG. The part at the end with Amanda’s dad explainiing his equations to Dr. Brennan is beautiful.

Is That Aly?

November 23, 2013

That was my thought when I saw the preview for the next episode of Bones. Season 9, episode 11 – The Spark In The Park. I saw a clip of a gymnast landing a layout and it looked like an “Aly” landing. But, unless Aly has a cameo in the episode, it’s not her. The cast list only mentions Maroney…and, when I watched (and re-watched and paused at 0:18) the clip that some fast and fabulous person uploaded like two seconds ago, it definitely looks like Maroney.

The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a nationally ranked gymnast, whose remains were hit by lightning and scattered throughout a publihough evidence points to a fellow gymnast (guest star Maroney) as the key suspect, Brennan and Booth discover the victim was leading a double life. Meanwhile, Booth gets upset when Brennan shows surprising empathy for the victim’s father (guest star Schiff), and Cam confronts the woman who stole her identity in the all-new “The Spark in the Park” episode of BONES airing Friday, Dec. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BON-909) (TV-14 D, V)

I didn’t see any of Maroney’s other appearances because I don’t watch those shows. I’m looking forward to watching this. Ummmm, Dr. Brennan apparently has something to say about the toll gymnastics takes on gymnasts’ bodies which probably matches exactly with reality – so some folks will probably be upset about that. [OMG!!!111!! How can she say anything NEGATIVE about gymnastics!!!???]

The Case of the Hellish Hook

November 14, 2013

In an earlier post, I described what Simone Biles’ feet look like when she’s vaulting. I found a photo that captures it.

I wonder how she can fix this? Maybe just concentrate a little harder? Or use a tool like flipping wings or some twisting belt rig that creates a similar effect so that’s all she has to focus on. ((fix those feet. fix those feet. fix those feet)).

She doesn’t have too far to go. Watching her vault from worlds, you can see that both feet start out pointed with a little overlap. As she twists, the bottom foot begins to hook severely around the top foot. The actual degree of crossing isn’t that bad. It’s that major hook-age that makes it looks much worse than it is.

The FIG Swears Gymnastics Doesn’t Stunt Growth

November 14, 2013

The FIG put together a committee to figure out whether gymnastics stunts growth. The committee that was put together by the International Gymnastics Federation actually came out with a result that was favorable to gymnastics. Who would have thought?

From Gymnast To Actress

November 14, 2013

Sophie Nélisse is in the movie, “The Book Thief“.  She was a high level gymnast not too long ago.  Of course, I was hoping I could find some video but google has let me down on that score.  I’m not too let down because I think as she becomes more famous, a video or clips of her gymnastics will probably pop up. 

So far all I’ve got is some results.  Some scores from a US meet:

Level 9 age 11 – 12 for WimGym at the Ocean State classic in 2012. 

VT 8.450, UB  8.050, BB  9.250, FX  9.050, AA 34.800

At 2012 Elite Canada she finished 14th in the National Novice Catagory. 



Fadwa Speaks

October 29, 2013

Coach Rick posts a link to an interview of Fadwa Mohamed by WoGymnastike. In some respects, it’s puzzling:

Gigi: The Produnova is an incredibly dangerous vault, have you ever been afraid of attempting it.

Fadwa: I was never scared of doing it. Its not dangerous for someone who has a body like mine.

Why does she think her body type is the main factor in what makes this vault dangerous or not?

Personally, I think WoGymnastike did a really good job of grilling Fadwa about that vault. That’s what everyone wants to know about, that’s for sure.

Like Coach Rick, I’m really not fond of seeing people crash their way into a final. He wants to see vault landing deductions double. Others favor lowering the start value of the vault or downgrading it similar to the way twisting vaults are downgraded for lack of twist.

I don’t think the vault deductions should be doubled because that puts the event even further out of line with the other events. Some people have a problem with doubling the deductions because that would severely hurt people’s chances to recover from an error. I don’t care about that. Medalists should be the gymnasts that hit their routines. People like Maroney shouldn’t be able to fall on half their skills and still win a medal.

I don’t think lowering the start value would do anything to fix the problem. It would still be the hardest vault in the code with a huge scoring advantage. I also don’t agree with giving skills bogus values in general. The skill should be rated what it’s worth.

Downgrading the vault is an option that makes a lot of sense. It’s in line with what they do with other skills that aren’t complete. Also, these WAG gymnasts that are chucking the double front basically are just doing a single front while trying to sneak in another flip. It’s a lot different from someone like this dude, Marius Berbecar. This guy competed a double front in the vault final for 2013 worlds. His landing was a bit peculiar. Although he fully extended his legs for the landing, he ended up bending into a deep squat, almost touching the butt to the matt. That was clearly a double front with a bad landing. Unlike what these ladies are doing. For them it’s straight to the butt.

I’d like to see two things happen. First, I want to see the feet first rule redefined to mean that the gymnast has to show at least momentary support on the feet. Secondly, instead of giving a zero to the vault, which judges seem reluctant to do unless nobody’s safety is actually in danger, maybe vault could have special requirements like the other events. I don’t know how many special requirements there could be for vault. Last time I checked the other events had five at .5 each for a total of 2.5. Let’s say each vault has one special requirement, to land feet first. If not, that’s 2.5 points off the score, plus the fall, plus the other deductions.

So Pena’s 14.9 for her Produnova in Qualifying at 2013 Worlds which would have become a 12.4. I can hear the Pena fans crying now but that’s a proper score for a crash, if you ask me.