Gymnastics Clubs Go Ninja

Some gyms are getting into the Ninja business due to the popularity of the tv show, “American Ninja Warrior.”  USAIGC sees it as a way to get boys into the gym.

As soon as he saw the show, where adult men and women compete to conquer elaborate obstacle courses, Mr. Spadaro said he instantly thought about the possibility of drawing boys back to gymnastics. The USAIGC, which represents 175 gymnastics clubs nationwide, has formed a “Warrior Committee” to puzzle out the details of developing the sport. Their first meeting, in State College in October, tackled issues such as competition structure, instructor training and officiating.

I have to wonder how long it will be before USAG come up with it’s own “Ninja” program.  Seriously, it seems like anytime USAIGC starts doing something new, USAG makes sure to copy it!

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