Another Produnova?

When I first read that India’s Dipa Karmakar has started practicing the Produnova my initial reaction was to bang my head against my desk.  At first.  When I got a hold of myself I remembered that Dipa has attempted a front layout and now does a front pike half.  Maybe that doesn’t mean anything but maybe it does.  

In 2011 Yamilet Pena was doing a tucked front with a full whenever she wasn’t competing the Produnova.  By 2013 she started doing a front layout instead.  I’m pretty sure Yamilet’s front layout in 2013 was better than the front layout Dipa was doing in 2010.  Hard to say but the fact that Dipa has already done a front layout gives me hope that maybe her Produnova will be one of the less terrible ones.  

Anyway, I’ve felt that the best thing to come out of all these crapdunovas is that sooner or later we would start to see better prepared gymnasts training and competing the Produnova.  Somehow I don’t expect coaches to attempt teaching this to any of the current crop of top athletes but maybe they’re working with some of the younger ones right now.  Who knows.  

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