The Heebie Geebies

That’s what I got when I read that the FIG is going to announce a new Olympic qualification procedure. The last thing I remember from the FIG on this subject had something to do with cutting teams down to four. Please, no! Or if they do announce any sketchy changes next week, please let it be the kind of changes they turn around and undo five seconds later. OR maybe have the changes not be terrible!

This is bothering me. The not knowing what the fuck they are up to. Imma just try to stay cool with a dose of John Orozco trying to learn air flares. Of course, it’s not the air flares that sooth me, since he can’t do them yet. I’m calmed by the toe point. Looks pretty good from that angle.

Anyway, poor John can’t get air flares. The whole brute force approach might be slowing him down. He’d probably have better luck if he came up with some drills so he can learn it the same way he learned all his gymnastics skills. Bit by bit. Lots of gymnasts are only as good as they are because their coaches were able to utilize tons of drills that were developed by other coaches over many years.

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