Fadwa Speaks

Coach Rick posts a link to an interview of Fadwa Mohamed by WoGymnastike. In some respects, it’s puzzling:

Gigi: The Produnova is an incredibly dangerous vault, have you ever been afraid of attempting it.

Fadwa: I was never scared of doing it. Its not dangerous for someone who has a body like mine.

Why does she think her body type is the main factor in what makes this vault dangerous or not?

Personally, I think WoGymnastike did a really good job of grilling Fadwa about that vault. That’s what everyone wants to know about, that’s for sure.

Like Coach Rick, I’m really not fond of seeing people crash their way into a final. He wants to see vault landing deductions double. Others favor lowering the start value of the vault or downgrading it similar to the way twisting vaults are downgraded for lack of twist.

I don’t think the vault deductions should be doubled because that puts the event even further out of line with the other events. Some people have a problem with doubling the deductions because that would severely hurt people’s chances to recover from an error. I don’t care about that. Medalists should be the gymnasts that hit their routines. People like Maroney shouldn’t be able to fall on half their skills and still win a medal.

I don’t think lowering the start value would do anything to fix the problem. It would still be the hardest vault in the code with a huge scoring advantage. I also don’t agree with giving skills bogus values in general. The skill should be rated what it’s worth.

Downgrading the vault is an option that makes a lot of sense. It’s in line with what they do with other skills that aren’t complete. Also, these WAG gymnasts that are chucking the double front basically are just doing a single front while trying to sneak in another flip. It’s a lot different from someone like this dude, Marius Berbecar. This guy competed a double front in the vault final for 2013 worlds. His landing was a bit peculiar. Although he fully extended his legs for the landing, he ended up bending into a deep squat, almost touching the butt to the matt. That was clearly a double front with a bad landing. Unlike what these ladies are doing. For them it’s straight to the butt.

I’d like to see two things happen. First, I want to see the feet first rule redefined to mean that the gymnast has to show at least momentary support on the feet. Secondly, instead of giving a zero to the vault, which judges seem reluctant to do unless nobody’s safety is actually in danger, maybe vault could have special requirements like the other events. I don’t know how many special requirements there could be for vault. Last time I checked the other events had five at .5 each for a total of 2.5. Let’s say each vault has one special requirement, to land feet first. If not, that’s 2.5 points off the score, plus the fall, plus the other deductions.

So Pena’s 14.9 for her Produnova in Qualifying at 2013 Worlds which would have become a 12.4. I can hear the Pena fans crying now but that’s a proper score for a crash, if you ask me.

2 Responses to “Fadwa Speaks”

  1. WorldOfGymnastike (@WOGymnastike) Says:

    Thank you for giving high praise to the interview

  2. Catherine B Says:

    That’s a difficult definition to do. Currently, gymnasts have to show capability of bearing weight on their feet. Like in London, Maroney and Pens managed this, but Hannah Whelan did not, hence her zero which was hotly contested since it was feet first.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have an issue with banning the vault outright. It’s so dangerous, and I agree that doubling the fall deduction or lowering the start value isn’t the answer. I don’t say ‘ban it’ easily, but I just see more merit in removing it as an element than keeping it, at this stage.

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