From Fug to Fourth (IN THE WORLD!!!)

Remember Simone Biles’ first year as a junior elite when she had the fugliest bar routine ever?  The bar routine that made you go, “WTF, is this seriously a US elite?  Are we sure she’s not from Sri Lanka?”  Ok, it was actually way better than anything we’ve ever seen from a gymnast from Sri Lanka, but it was really, really bad for a US gymnast.  Honestly, it was mostly those nasty half turns.  Her feet flopped and crossed madly on every single one.  With like five half turns in the routine, it was a hot, fugly mess.

Fast forward to friggin’ fourth in the bar final (of the world)!  Day-um!  I don’t really care who wasn’t there.  For somebody, ANYBODY to turn that fug all the way around to fourth in the world?  That’s awesome.  It actually makes me think there’s hope for someone like Skinner. 

Let’s just hope all that time at camp rubbing elbows with Kyla’s coaches have made an impression on Simone’s coaches.  Sixteen is like a danger zone for elite gymnasts.  So many hit sixteen and the next thing you know, they’re injured.  I have to wonder if Kyla’s coaches knew she was in the danger zone and, after the Olympics, made adjustments to keep her healthy.  While all over the gymternet, people who apparently have not been watching too many 16 year old elites get injured for too many years bitched and bitched about Kyla’s lack of upgrades, I held my breath hoping it was a sign Kyla’s coaches actually had a plan.  I still don’t know if they had a plan but if they did, I hope it’s a plan that I hope more coaches, including Simone’s, catch onto and start using.   

Coach Rick posted:

Some feel Simone should have won that Vault final in Antwerp.

Really?  People think Simone should’ve won with crossed feet on her Amanar and a lower value on her second vault.  What?  Speaking of Simone’s crossed feet, I think they are getting much better.  She actually has one foot perfectly pointed on her Amanar but since the other one is fully clubbed and hooked around the first foot, it makes her legs look a lot more crossed than they are.   


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