Does Shang Chunsong Need Excuses?

Shang Chunsong is the newest teeny Chinese gymnast that people are suspicious of. Of course, that also makes her the newest teeny Chinese gymnast to have age defenders coming out of the woodwork in support of. I’ve even read a claim that Shang is small because her family was poor and she was malnourished. Is that really true?

I thought Shang went to the gymnastics sports school for her county at age six or seven. I’ve read that children train at these schools and are away from their families for weeks at a time. The school would’ve been responsible for feeding her and if the family paid tuition, wouldn’t it cover food? It would make no sense for them to let her train if she didn’t have enough food to fuel that training. There’s no reason for Shang to be any more malnourished than any other Chinese gymnast.

Anyway, without any sort of evidence to say she’s an age cheater – or malnourished – I think it’s fine to say she’s just small. Because honestly, some people really are just small.

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