10,000 Rule debunked (again)

How come every time somebody “debunks” the 10,000 hour rule, they use being good enough to play in the NBA as an example of what it means to be expert.  Being the very best at something and being an “expert” are not the same thing.  There are an unlimited number of spots in the expert catagory.  There are a limited number of spots when you talk about being the very best at anything.  It’s so ridiculous that people can’t seem to get this straight.  I really believe it’s because they just don’t want to.  There are a lot of people out there who did put that 10,000 hours of directed training in and got really good BUT they didn’t get the record deal, or they didnt’ get into medical school, or they didn’t get into the NBA.  Hey, they’re not the very best, but are you really trying to tell me they’re not experts at what they do?  That makes no sense. 

Coach Rick http://gymnasticscoaching.com/new/2013/10/10000-hour-rule-debunked/ quotes Epstein:

Epstein quoted:

… for an American man aged between 20 and 40, standing between 6ft and 6ft2in the chances of playing professionally in the NBA are five in a million. If he’s 6ft2in to 6ft4in there is a still-distant 20 in a million chance. But if he’s 6ft10in to 7ft, the odds shorten to 32,000 in a million. And if he stands 7ft, there is a one-in-six chance he will currently be playing in the NBA. …

And goes on to say himself:

Height is far more important than number of hours trained in that sport.

LOL!!  Here we go again with the example of the 7 footers getting into the NBA.  Guess they must be “experts” since they got into the NBA.  Think again Epstein.  It’s a well known phenomenon that those 7 footers don’t always play the game that well.  They actually might not be experts.   Maybe they might’ve been if their training had had the proper direction.  That’s another thing that some people ignore about the 10,000 hour rule.  The training is supposed to be directed properly.  You can’t just train any old way for 10,000 hours and expect to become an expert. 

And as far as height being far more important in basketball:  Height may be important to the people who pick the teams, but it isn’t important in determining who is and who isn’t an expert at playing the game.  Just because somebody is not selected to play in the NBA doesn’t mean they aren’t an expert.   



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