Too Stupid

Coach Rick weighs in on the proposed plan to reduce team sizes from 5 to 4.

hmm …

Perhaps 12 teams of 4 for Team. Then individual specialists from any nation.

In the case of USA, for example. … What about 4 AA gymnasts, all to compete. Plus a maximum of 1 individual event specialist. That way there would likely be as many RUS, CHN and ROM gymnasts as in London. But still room for a few more specialists.

Too complicated? …

More specialists, more specialists, more specialists. Why are we elevating people who are good on whatever random event or three over people who are good AAers and over teams that are good? What the fuck is so great about specialists that they should have the sport twisted to favor them?

If there absolutely must be more specialists, why do we have to cut team size? Why not just cut team participation? The FIG would gain 12 more spots for their precious specialists if they cut team size to 4. Why don’t they just go to 6 teams of six, 6-5-5. Prelims would also be the team final which shortens the meet like they want. Then they can allocate however many spots to the teams that qualified 7th to whatever however they want to with extra spots available to give to specialists.

The FIG is actively marginalizing the team competition. First with three up three count finals and now cut after cut made to team size. It seriously looks to me like getting rid of team was the goal all along.

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