Still Sounds Like Bullshit

Coach Rick is still on his quest to promote shin-grabbing as the best technique in a tucked salto. He notes that Madison Kocian uses this technique in her beam dismount. Madison does have a fabulous double tuck off beam. She lands practically standing up.

This is the same girl who drops a full-in out of the sky on floor – while grabbing the back of her thighs. With that in mind, I still doubt shin-grabbing is a better technique than thigh-grabbing …or nothing-grabbing. Seriously, we have athletes doing full-twisting double tucks, double-twisting double tucks, or even double layouts with and without twist and they grab air. Basically just holding their arms by their sides or near their chest. Yet somehow it supposed to make such a big difference about whether an athlete grabs their shins or the back of their thighs in a double tuck. Tell me another one.

…And Ricky posted a comment on one of Coach Rick’s posts stating that while beam routines of old were beautiful,

…it would be a mistake to say that beam is not also beautiful today.

I’m not really seeing how today’s standing around and arm waving is just as beautiful as the old-fashioned routines.

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