Picky Judges

Coach Rick talks about picky judges again and folks discuss.

Isis says –

Here’s a possible reason for the fact that strong routines are held to a higher standard: judges need to judge in real time, and being human, there are only so many deductions they can take in a short amount of time. So if they’re watching a strong routine, they’ll deduct for every little error, as specified by the Code. But if they’re watching a routine packed with errors, they’ll deduct only for the biggest mistakes, and they’ll never get around to deducting for such things as lack of precision on a turn (because they’re too busy deducting for more serious errors).

I don’t buy that they don’t have time. The judges have no problem deducting for a lot of errors in a routine like this one from Pena. Her execution score was 6.86 without a fall. If they can find 3.14 in deductions in this routine, they could find that many in a more difficult routine. Also it probably takes more time to find the deductions in a clean routine since you really have to hunt for them.

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