Maybe The FIG Wants A Broken Neck Or Two.

Fadwa just won another gold with her dangerous Produnova attempt. Of course, Coach Rick is claiming the vault should be banned for women. How absurd. All the FIG needs to do is revise the meaning of “feet first” landing. I think if the gymnast shows no clear support on the feet before any other part of the body touches the mat, it should be zero. There should be no use of video replay to try and determine what hit the mat first. If the gymnast touches two body parts to the mat within less than a second of each other or does not show support before falling, it’s a zero. By this criteria, all of Pena’s Produnova attempts would score zeros. Maroney’s second vault in EF finals would score zero. That would be THE END of all these dangerous Produnovas.

There are also some good suggestions on Coach Rick’s post about Fadwa’s win.

If you want to be generous you can downgrade the difficulty. So turn it into a handspring single tuck. – Kate

I think they should just not credit the difficulty if there is a fall on vault. They can still get the execution score (with all appropriate deductions). – ber

Clinton posted an awesome link of John Macready landing the same way Fadwa did. Ass on the mat into a front headspring. His initial asslanding was much lighter than Fadwa’s.

So why won’t the FIG do some of these things? They just revised the requirements for the ring leap and the sheep jump, why can’t they do the same for the definition of “feet first” on landing for vault. Are they not paying attention to all these marginal gymnasts chucking one of the hardest skills in the code?

Maybe they’re concerned about a crashed vault knocking a gymnast out of the competition. If so, I think they need to get over that. Vault is one skill. If a gymnast crashes on their one skill, why should they still get a decent score?
Maybe they don’t want to kill the skill. Rather than being all lenient on gymnasts risking their lives, maybe they should have some of the men’s coaches who are good at teaching this skill give an FIG clinic to women’s coaches on how to teach the skill.

Or maybe they’re just waiting for somebody to break their neck so they can claim the sport is far too dangerous for children and finally raise the age limit to 18. Too late to keep Fadwa, Yamilet, etc from scaring us all to death, but whatever.

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