Jordyn’s Comeback Confusion

Today, I will be doing more Chicken Little-ing.

I’d really like to know how Jordyn went from definitely coming back in 2013 to maybe not coming back until 2014. What’s that about? Honestly, I wonder if it’s possible that Geddert, who prefers to stay home if he can’t win, put the squeeze on her. Such as, train like you mean it or don’t waste my time. But whoops, Jordyn chooses to keep doing the appearances and going to her sister’s wedding and her graduation and such.

The thing that I’m wondering about is maybe coming back in 2013 gets pushed back to 2014 and then maybe 2014 gets pushed back to 2015 at which point it gets pushed back to never. Geddert needs to be more flexible for this to work and if the reason Jordyn might not come back in 2013 is because John is being inflexible, then her comeback might never happen.

It’s annoying if the reason it’s less sure that she’ll come back for 2013 is because her coach decided to be a rigid asshole, but it could work out for the best in the long run. Jordyn stays in shape and then gives up doing appearences in 2014. As long as she keeps working on upgrades, she could come back in 2015 and it would be like she never left. A lot depends on if Geddert can figure out how to train a woman to win. Actually, forget figuring it out. All he really has to do is make some calls and get guidance from the right people. People who’ve done it.

So not the end of the world if she doesn’t come back until 2014 or 2015. Still, it would be so cool if instead of deciding it has to be one or the other, Jordyn comes back in 2013 without aiming to be on top. Maybe just do two events or maybe do all events but not full difficulty.

Whatever. I’m just gonna go wish upon a star now.

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