And Where Did the Others Go?

Double Double and Coach Rick are posting about the number of WAG gymnasts who competed at Nationals in 2012 that are coming back for 2013. Eight out of 23 gymnasts will probably return.

Elite Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is a difficult and dangerous sport. It’s not easy to compete Championships multiple years in series.

Yup. It’s tough to be elite. Also, in the US, senior elite careers get squeezed into about a three year time frame because of age limits and NCAA. I think US elites have to turn 16 in the year to compete at Nationals. I think a lot of them also do their last Elite Nationals in the fall and then drop back to level 10 for their last year of high school before starting college the next fall.

When you look at longer careers in US WAG, it tends to be the better gymnasts who are the ones that stick around. You’ll see things like a Liukin hanging in there until 19, or a Bhardwaj coming back after college, or a Borden trying again.

So what are the gymnasts from 2012 U.S. Nationals up to right now?

J. Wieber, G. Douglas, A. Raisman – Training.
K. Ross, M. Maroney – Training and have been to camp.

That’s the entire Olympic team. It remains to be seen how many of them will make it back to competition but it’s cool that they’re in the gym.

E. Price, S. Vega, K. Baker, B. Dowell, A. Milliet, M. Skinner – Returning

A. Jetter, M. Wofford, M. Brannan – Competing level 10 and will probably go to NCAA.

B. Jay, B. Sloan – Competing NCAA

S. Finnegan, G. McLaughlin, B. Brown – I don’t know what they’re doing.

R. Bross, A. Sacramone, A. Li, N. Liukin – Retired

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