The End of Worlds as We Know It?

Bruno is up to something again. He’s talking about a new system for qualifying to the Olympics which will be tested this quad and take effect in 2017 so athletes can qualify to the 2020 Olympics. I have to comment on this gem:

The new calendar and formats are then scheduled to come into force permanently from January 1, 2017.

Permanently!! For real? Since when has the FIG done anything permanently? They make rules and change them five seconds later.

Anyway, there’s something else about this whole thing.

The new system should allow athletes participating in continental competitions to qualify directly for the World Championships or the Olympic Games, the same as athletes competing at World Cup events, thus raising the status of these competitions. Lastly, we plan to adopt a competition calendar that is structured in such a way that recognises the universal importance of the Olympics.

He’s not just talking about qualifying to the Olympics. He’s talking about qualifying to World Championships. I’m not aware of any qualifying process to Worlds right now. So far as I know, Federations pay their FIG fees, choose their own athletes, and go. That’s it. The FIG has been bitching about Worlds being too large forever. This could be it. The end of the open worlds system.

And what’s this about structuring the calendar to recognise the universal importance of the Olympics? Doesn’t everybody already know that? Maybe it’s code for ‘Having Worlds three times per quad has got to stop’? Maybe that’s the underlying reason for increasing the qualifying opportunities from Continental and World Cup competitions. The FIG might be moving to chack Worlds. Possibly the mid quad worlds will go away. The FIG created a situation where this worlds has become gigantic. It’s the first step in qualifying for the Olympics and it’s now the only worlds that all FIG federations can send a team to. The post-Olympic Worlds has no team event and the pre-Olympic worlds is only open to teams that qualified at the mid-quad worlds.

What the fuck is Bruno up to?

Some folks are talking about how they hope more top gymnasts get a chance to go the Olympics, squeezing out those pesky non-top gymnasts who get to go instead. If that happens, I just see more scandal. The FIG can’t seem to bring itself to make the judges act right. Squeeze out all the second tier gymnasts and let the top gymnasts go head to head, that just means the judges will have more scores to box. You might as well decide the medals by shooting dice.

You also might as well just make a new compulsory and call it a day. One thing that those second tier gymnasts might bring to the competition is the fact that they’re less likely to be doing the same elements as the top gymnasts, thus bringing some variety to the competition.

Tired. Chicken Little-ing is very draining.

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