One Ad, One Back Hip Circle

AARP, the American Old Folks Union or whatever that really stands for, had a gymnastics themed ad. I want to know why they’re working out in the dark.

I also want to know why Coach Rick has declared that it’s impossible to do a back hip circle with straight arms on beam. He’s ticked because a gymnast showed a new combo in prelims of a meet but during finals left off the back hip circle at the end because she was told the enormous bend in her arms was a big deduction. In defense of the gymnast, and creativity in general, he declares the judges to be unreasonable since according to him the BHC is impossible to do with straight arms on beam. He wants to see some video of a gymnast doing it with straight arms. Well, I say just because something hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Any video of BHCs with bent arms is just proof that those gymnasts chose to do the skill with bent arms.

As far as whether it’s possible to do a Back Hip Circle on beam with straight arms or not. It seems like it should be possible since technically, you don’t have to circle around at the hip during a back hip circle. Those cray cray judges seem to be looking for something similar to what they see on bars. I don’t think this is wrong. I bet that Ariel Crawford could do a back hip circle on beam with much straighter arms – if that’s what her goal was. Same as with the Chinese gymnasts who do those crap toe catches solely because their coaches aren’t helping them to do better ones.

Edit: To add a comma to the title.

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