A College Gymnastics Movie

This is another kickstarter. It’s for a movie about college gymnastics.

While some folks are lamenting the same old story line of the gymnast who tries to come back to elite after a long time off, I think at least it’s different in that it deals with college gymnastics instead of elite. I bet I can already figure out the plot. This chick tries to start a college gymnastics team as a way to get back into elite gymnastics but I bet she learns along the way that college gym is great too.

Another comment I read:

Looks good … except for the 90′s attitude towards age. – Clinton

Yeah, but that reflects a real attitude that people in the sport have. Like John Geddert saying Jordyn wouldn’t make it to Rio because of her body type despite being right there when half the event finalists in London had more mature body types. Maybe that could be another thing that Maddy’s character learns along the way. Gymnasts don’t have to be itty bitty.

Maddy Curley played the gymnast who could vault a double front in “Stick-it.” I don’t think she did any acting before “Stick-it” but she’s done a lot since.

This kickstarter seems to be off to a good start. 58 backers and $2,727. Their goal is $110k. There are rewards for people who donate $10 or more. Everything from a personal thank you on facebook to a speaking role in the film! I don’t know about you, but my goal is to pledge $500. :D

You’re one of US: For a $500.00 donation you will receive a thank you in the credits of the film, plus one of the characters in the movie will have YOUR NAME! The character is guaranteed to have at least one line and your first name will be mentioned in the film.

Oh my goodness me. I just can’t wait to be FAAAMOUSSSS! I wonder. If five people named Anna donate, will there be five characters named Anna with five different lines or just one? Hmmmm.

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