Does Harsh Judging Make For Cleaner Gymnasts?

Blossom posted qualification scores from the Chinese Nationals.

Here are the standings after the qualifications; all scores are based on the ridiculous and demoralizing Chinese judging system, so feel free to add a point or two to the total.

It’s often noted how hard the scoring is at Chinese competitions but it’s also noted how beautiful the Chinese gymnasts are. Personally, I don’t think that’s an accidental relationship.

In the US, the scoring is pretty lenient but then we’ve had more than one incidence of a gymnast that scores well on US soil being scored a lot more harshly by international judges. I don’t see what’s demoralizing about having a clear picture of what you need to fix BEFORE you’re at worlds finding out your release isn’t going to get credited, or whoops that pose in the middle of your leap sequence invalidates the connection. How about getting to the Olympics and finding out that international judges think you’re sixth tenths less hot shit than the judges from your own country thought you were.

As a coach, it probably more helpful to know for sure what the judges are looking for rather than have to guess. Seems that while some coaches have to try and figure out what their gymnast can get away with, the Chinese coaches just have to read the code and then try to make sur their gymnasts reach those standards.

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