Fadwa Wins Gold

…like a year ago. Okay, let me back it up. Remember last year when video of some random Egyptian gymnast doing a double front into a pit hit the net? I think folks probably figured it would be awhile before that gymnast, Fadwa Mohamed, would actually compete that vault. Well, “a while” turned out to be like two weeks later! That’s when she chucked that puppy at the 2012 African Championships vault final for a 14.275. With her second vault scoring 13.925, she was able to take home the gold.

The videos of her vaults from those Championships have about 25 hits apiece a year later compared with her training video from the gym that has nearly 5000. What’s up with that? Probably because the poster didn’t put “produnova” or “roche” someplace in the description. That would’ve turned some heads much sooner. Maybe. I only found the video after searching today because Coach Rick posted that she did the produnova again at the World Challenge Cup in Slovenia this past weekend. I was sure that video would be on the net somewhere. Maybe, maybe not. Whoever took the video of her at the African Championships last year waited a month to post it.

2 Responses to “Fadwa Wins Gold”

  1. Fadwa Muhammad – Prodnova — Gymnastics Coaching.com Says:

    […] did some follow-up, finding another one in competition at African Championships […]

  2. Serry™ (@kareemserry) Says:

    She also took home another African Gold medal two days ago! and a third one in the Mediterranean games earlier this in 2013

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