The Funniest Things About Hairgate

Hairgate. Here’s a recap if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Gabby Douglas wins gold at the 2012 Olympics. Some folks tweet that her hair was a mess. The media reports these tweets. The internet blows up with folks talking about how haters are so stupid for talking crap about Gabby’s hair when she just won gold.

There’s a few funny things about Hairgate. The first thing is, this whole thing was just another manufactured story by the media. Folks tweeting about Gabby’s hair? So what! People say negative things EVERY day about EVERY thing. How the hell did #gabbysmessyhair or whatever become a story? Fuckin’ media, man! Sometimes the media pushes a “story” and then lets it die. No luck so far as Hairgate goes. We’ll probably be hearing about this for as long as Gabby can work her 15 minutes.

Funny thing number two about Hairgate. The folks on twitter weren’t saying a damn thing different than certain gymnastics fans had already been saying. Gabby was wearing her hair in flipped up pony tail. There’s more than a few gymnastics fans that can’t stand this look and have complained about it since it first appeared on the gymscene. They just hate the messy look and have for years. It’s the people who watch only once every four years who were just now discovering that this style has become popular with elite gymnasts.

Funny thing number three about Hairgate. People who don’t know fake hair when they see it. OMG. There seems to be a lot of people who think Gabby’s fake ponytail was her real hair.

Personally, I’d thought Gabby’s hair was messed up from the time she was a junior. I thought it was a little improved by the Olympics, though. Now that she’s got the bucks rolling in, she can afford to get her weave done by a pro and it looks fine. If she ever gets back to the gym and goes back to the fake ponytail, that’ll probably look much better too.

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