A Rap About Working Hard

It’s called “Nastia Liukin“. I listened to it just because of the title. I wondered, what the heck are they going to rhyme with Liukin. Turns out, nothing. At the end, they just say, “Nastia Liukin, never give up, never give up, Nastia Liukin.” And then it ends with one of her interviews from her comeback.

Edit: I clicked around and I guess this person has other songs with gymnast name titles. Of course, I listened to every one of them. They’re not really about the gymnasts, they are mentioned once or twice per song so I guess the titles must be to get clicks. I’m old and confused so really I can’t even figured out if these are supposed to be whole songs or part of songs or what.

These songs contain foul and rude language.

Edit 2: Wow. Gone already. It occurs to me that I was totally April Fooled.

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